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123 Feb 16 '19
NEW YORK -- Losses are piling, tempers are flaring and players are being benched. Scarpe Asics Italia .Throw in all the penalties, mistakes and questionable play calling, and the New York Jets have the troubling look and feel of a dysfunctional bunch.Todd Bowles team is 3-6, matching its loss total from last season, and its playoff prospects already appear highly unlikely. The second-year coach, however, doesnt agree with the increasingly negative perception.Not at all, Bowles said during a conference call Monday. I know what reality is, so we know what everything is inside this building and were a close-knit group.But, perhaps the most glaring sign of trouble within came Sunday, when Bowles benched star defensive linemen Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson for the first quarter of New Yorks 27-23 loss at Miami .Bowles repeated Monday that it was a coachs decision, adding that non-injury and non-football issues are kept in-house. He also declined to say whether tardiness is an issue with the two.However, reports emerged that both Wilkerson and Richardson were disciplined for being late to a team meeting. NJ.com reported that the two have been late or no-showed more than once. NFL Network reported that Wilkerson missed a walkthrough and a defensive meeting at which his birthday was being celebrated -- complete with a cake -- the day before the game against Baltimore last month. Wilkerson did not play in that game because of an ailing ankle.Those are reports, Bowles said. Those things are handled in-house and I know how we handle things in here, and everybody is accountable for their actions. We handle things in here as we handle them, and Im perfectly fine with those two (players) commitments.When asked what makes him satisfied with both Wilkerson and Richardson, Bowles said simply: They put in work. They put in a lot of work.A sideline exchange between wide receiver Brandon Marshall and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick appeared to get a bit heated, although both downplayed it after the game. Bowles did the same, brushing aside the notion that it was another example of a team tearing apart.We had more turmoil going last year when we won four or five in a row, Bowles said. This year is normal. Brandon and Fitz talk on the sideline all the time. Thats just football talk. That goes without saying. And, Mo and Sheldon are fine.On Monday, Marshall said it was business as usual among the players, with the focus on moving forward to their next game at home against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.He said he feels good about the Jets locker room, calling it one of the best Ive been in. He was lukewarm, however, when asked if he thought every player was committed to a common goal.You never know, he said. Its the National Football League. There are so many different personalities in the room. I love what Coach (Marc) Trestman said when he first got hired in Chicago, one of his first team meetings, he said: We dont need all. We just need the right ones.Tackle Ben Ijalana thinks the Jets have those guys, along with the right approach.Everyone is focused on trying to right the ship and were playing a game at home, he said. Were not trying to lull down. Were just trying to get back on the right track, continue to get these wins going.The Jets are uncertain whether Fitzpatrick will start because of a sprained left knee , and some fans and media says New York should go with second-year quarterback Bryce Petty regardless.Its expected, Marshall said of the perception that the Jets are a team in chaos. This is what happens, usually, when you lose. ... Were sitting at 3-6, were disappointed in our play, disappointed in ourselves.And the players arent alone.Bowles has taken his share of the blame, too, and had missteps in his play calls throughout the season.I havent done a good job, he said. Were 3-6. It speaks for itself. I can do a lot better job of coaching.Despite all that, though, Bowles insisted he has total control of his team.Completely, yes, he said. I know me and I know how I address the team and I know how the team responds. I have no issues with that.Penalties are a big problem, with 10 called in the game against the Dolphins. Perhaps none was as glaring as the offsides call on Antonio Allen, whose mistake on a kickoff resulted in a re-kick -- and Kenyan Drake returned it 96 yards for the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter.We dont finish, Ijalana said. I would say its a combination of not finishing and sometimes starting slow. In this league, those things get you in trouble. Its very hard to win games like that.---For more NFL coverage: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP-NFL ;Scarpe Asics Uomo Scontate . During the athletes parade, the 23-strong Ukrainian team was represented by a lone flagbearer in an apparent protest at the presence of Russian troops in Ukraines Crimean peninsula. Scarpe Asics In Offerta . It was the kind of score that might make everyone else wonder which course he was playing. Except that Graeme McDowell saw the whole thing. Crouched behind the 10th green at Sheshan International, McDowell looked over at the powerful American and said, "Ive probably seen 18 of the best drives Ive seen all year in the last two days. http://www.asicsscontate.it/ . -- Five former Kansas City Chiefs players who were on the team between 1987 and 1993 filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming the team hid and even lied about the risks of head injuries during that time period when there was no collective bargaining agreement in place in the NFL.James Wade is happy to remain the forgotten man of the Premier League as he attempts to snatch a place in the season-ending play-offs. The 2009 champion sits in fifth place in the Premier League table ahead of tonights matches in Belfast, live on Sky Sports.Only leg difference separates Wade from the play-off positions and he has acquired six wins, the same number as Michael Van Gerwen, who The Machine defeated on the opening day of the campaign. But Wade is still ranked sixth by the bookies in the list of possible winners and admits he does not mind being overlooked as a serious title threat.When I won tournaments, no-one ever talked about me either, so it makes no difference to me really, he told Sky Sports. Ive got no pressure because I get overlooked and no-one expects it from me. If anything, its quite nice. James Wade You have got players who are raved and ranted about being second favourite for a tournament and some of them havent even won one. It takes a lot to win the first one. That first one is the hardest one.To be put below in the expectations for the betting, I quite like it if that makes sense, because it takes the pressure off me. Ive got no pressure because I get overlooked and no-one expects it from me. If anything, its quite nice.Years ago, it used to really bother me. But you get used to certain things and every player has got their own perceived character, their own judgement by the crowd, and by the bookmakers. Ive got mine and other people have got theirs. Its pantomime, but its real. It isnt pantomime. James Wade completed a sizzling 161 checkout on the bullseye in hhis match against Dave Chisnall Asked if he will receive credit for reaching the last night at The O2, he said: Probably not really, but if I can get there, thats the hard bit. Scarpe Running Asics Scontate. Only if I lift the trophy and say hows that! Michael van Gerwen has replaced Phil Taylor as the sports top player World No 1 Van Gerwen has been forced to shoulder the burden of expectation after replacing Phil Taylor as the sports top player and Wade feels he is unfairly likened to the 16-time world champion.Its a long time to continue being the worlds best player. Hes done if for a year to 18 months. Longer than I thought he would, said Wade.Unfortunately, although he is the greatest player in the world at the moment, its sad that hes always going to be compared to Phil. Studd: Wades wonderful five Rodd Studd picks out five memorable wins by The Machine Its a shame really. No matter what player becomes world No 1 and wins a lot of titles, they are always going to be compared to Phil, until someone wins, I think 77 or 78 TV majors. Its not going to happen.The reason why Phil did that, is because the field wasnt as strong back then. Years ago he had one or two rivals and those one or two rivals werent as good as him anyway. Now everyone can raise that 100, 105 average. The Machine expects a thrilling end to the season Wade will stay firmly in contention with a win over Adrian Lewis tonight and is relishing the chance to upset the odds in the closing weeks of the campaign.Its good this year that there is a lot of people in the run-in, he said. Its good for the viewers and good for the players as well. No-one has run away with it, like previous winners.Phil is not that far away from everyone and most are round about the 13-point mark. Anything can happen between now and the end, anything.  Watch all of the Premier League action from night 11 in Belfast, starting at 7pm on Sky Sports 1. Also See: Mardles PL predictions Sky Live: PL darts MVG: Nothing to prove How to beat Van Gerwen 6-0 Cheap Hoodies From China Discount NFL ShirtsCheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Fast Shipping China JerseysStitched Jerseys ' ' '
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