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lucy blair Mar 11

Menairshoes will release a GF-01 sneaker in a "black/white" color scheme without decoration. So far, Geiger's GF-01 has adopted bright color schemes or bold material choices, but "black/white" is the starting point of his "New Everydayz" plan, which aims to provide consumers with no-frills daily Shoe options. Option GF-01 "Black/White" adopts black rolled leather upper, midfoot with cursive G logo, finished with black corded flannel, and extends back to the heel to connect with the corded flannel heel. The only difference between the upper and the black is the perforation on the top. The perforation appears bright yellow, which may match the Pittsburgh descent of Geiger. The white midsole is matched with GF-01 hit, and the white outsole is matched with repeated JG grip shading, which perfectly modifies the appearance.

Jin Jones applied his creativity to the popular Dior x Air Jordan 1 collaboration project in 2020. This year he will re-establish a partnership with the Beaverton office and launch a brand new shoe model in collaboration with Latest Jordan 2020 . For this round, the two parties reconvened the capsule, which included a pair of Air Max 95, one of which was this "black/fluorescent yellow" color scheme. The official way image was just announced. Similar to its "complete orange" counterpart, this is the central stage of the upcoming issue of the gray-scale color block of the warrant, and calls for the companionship of a subtle neon explosion. The luxurious designer combined an anatomical-style upper panel with a soft gray background, and pasted black Morse code-like lines on the entire panel. It is balanced with a snow-white covering, composed of toe tips and fenders, the latter hosts the Golden Jones banner toward the heel. More decorations, such as the pure black Swoosh logo on the forefoot and high heels, and the striking "fluorescent yellow" hue of the Air Max brand that touches the lace ring and tongue.

Fujiwara's Fragment Design and Travis Scott are working with Jordan Brand on Air Jordan 1 Fearless. This design first appeared on La Flame's feet in February this year. It combines the post-Swoosh design of the 2019 Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 with the signature color scheme of the 2014 fragment design x Air Jordan 1 to create a Co-created sports shoes with sufficient cultural heritage can even arouse the appetite of the most greedy people. From this teasing picture that has been seen so far-it is recognized as a less star, even by the standard of sneakers leak-the shoe features a quarter of the white, fenders and eyelets, plus blue shoes Tumbled leather upper on head, high heels and neckline flap. Black was also introduced into the mix, appearing on the iconic midfoot backward Swoosh logo, the ball and wings logo on the neckline flaps, and the joint high heels with Scott's Cactus Jack logo on the left foot and the double lightning logo on the right fragment. .

Max Apr 8
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