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SWTOR Update 6.1.4 will be released on October 20, 2020. This patch will not bring new story content. It focuses on improving various existing and running systems in the game. Highlights include a new seasonal event "Feast", which actually does have some story elements, additions, conquest changes, new deserter lock timers and rules against PvP poisoning, and more! The following will explain the rules against PvP poisoning.

BioWare has developed a set of new rules and in-game systems to resist the increasing toxicity of games in a PvP environment. These new features have been released in version 6.1.4. In the "Unranked War Zone", you will be blocked by a 15-minute desert escape before exiting the game. If you get a vote  in the game, you will get a 5-minute lock timer. If you don't know, these tools will also be installed in 6.1.3 and earlier patches.

This change is mainly for ranked PvP. In both "Solo" and "Team Ranking", you can no longer use the "Vote Kick" command. It has been removed from this part of the game. In addition, with "diminishing returns", the offline lock timer is increased to 20 minutes. If you decline the game or leave the game before completion, you will be locked. If you continue to do this, the system will make your penalty time longer until you reach the hard limit.

If you press the maximum timer for "Escaper Shutdown" in the "Leaderboard", it will be kept for the rest of the week (until Tuesday). An important change to note here is that the prevents all PvP activities from queuing: unranked, solo ranking, group ranking, and Metroid. In addition, all leavers locked will be based on the account.

Why does BioWare do all of this? Some of the thinking behind this change is that for one-off events, such as insufficient queues or a few minutes of absence due to poor network connectivity, a smaller fine will still apply. When the penalty points increase, we can start to assume that the probability of trying to manipulate the level or gaining an advantage in qualifying is greater than the probability of missing several explosions in consecutive crashes. "-Chris Schmidt announced on the forum shortly before the 6.1.4 patch was released.

The first batch of updates to the Madden 21 franchise model will be released on November 12 (Thursday), but when they arrive, don't expect the community to cheer for them.

It is not that the proponents of the franchise model are dissatisfied, nor that they do not welcome the three-part plan to improve the model. It was just because of the time and depth of the first update that all this became vulnerable at this time.

The entire update includes some additions to increase the sense of immersion, such as playoff screens, increased Madden 21 Coins, and the biggest feature, that is, you can assign X element functions to players in your franchise mode. These updates are incredible because most of the major issues with this model have not been resolved. These are related to the lack of customization options and lack of representation.

I have been talking about it for several weeks. After the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag pushed them to make improvements in the model, it is unrealistic to expect EA to produce any breakthroughs so quickly. EA seems to be working hard to make  and FIFA a real-time service instead of a physical release every year, which may help make more meaningful updates more feasible.

According to EA, the second update will be launched soon, but we have to wait until January. One third will also come, but there is no conclusion yet. You may hope that it will be closer to the 2021 NFL Draft, and may focus on improving this part of the game, which is also very lacking. Very badly, the first update will not arrive until a few days before week 10 of the current NFL season. The second game will be played in the NFL playoffs, and the third and final game will begin after most fans have determined their desire to improve the Madden 22 model iteration. Many players will choose to Buy Madden 21 Coins to unlock many of their favorite characters, which will make players more happy.
Why do we still stick to our MMORPG style and play this type of game? If it were 20 years ago, many of us might have answered "Because it is exciting to play with others in a lasting world!" Since then, the game world has changed a lot.

Playing online is no longer a newbie. The enduring world is neither. We have been communicating with colleagues online; maybe even a little too much. Usually, we don't want to have unnecessary communication with others because we are connected 24/7 anyway. This mentality has appeared in MMORPG many years ago, and "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is a good example, which shows that when developers cater to the growing number of gamers, they don’t care much about this type. The in his nickname.

Many people, including me, first regarded SW:TOR as a single-player RPG and then as a multiplayer experience. Almost everything in this game is suitable for single players. Your NPC partner can cheer you on, provide you with DPS, or heal you. They can even do better than many players. You don't need...a group to complete all group tasks in the open world. The storyline of the game and its expansion are related to your experience of the story. You are the center of the universe. I must admit that I like the game to focus on my character fantasy and still allow me to play with other people.

I can understand that if you laugh at me now, maybe even call me the reason why our beloved music genre is heading in the wrong direction (several). However, I assure you that I will often use groups to make up for my own preferences! Unfortunately-if a player like me is the cause of this situation, I am deeply sorry-Bioware has reduced most of the difficulty of the game and looked a bit outdated so that a single player can beat all the land-based game content.

We have arrived. When fighting a group of mobs, you can really speak up and you will not die. Your trusted companions will deal with those nasty enemies alone, without player input! On the one hand, this is very useful for those who play the game mainly for the story rather than the challenge; on the other hand, in the context of MMORPG, even eliminating all the from the single player part of the game may be somewhat difficult .