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There are many different types of villagers and NPCs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Having individuality is their characteristic. Villagers' self-awareness and emotions reflect real life. Each NPC also has its own preferences and attitudes. Therefore, in Animal Crossing, deciding whether the villagers will stay has become one of the unique fun of the game.

In the Fan Forum of Animal Crossing, some players group each villager and NPC. In the case that the game developer does not disclose any information about the age of the NPC and the villager, the age of each villager can be more accurately understood to help players choose.

According to the fan guide, the villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Village can be divided into 8 different categories according to their attitudes. The categories of attitudes include strong villagers, lively villagers, lazy villagers, normal villagers, smug villagers, sister-like villagers, arrogant villagers, and violent villagers.

Teenagers in Animal Crossing are said to be athlete villagers, aged 15-19 years old. According to a guide made by fans, if they are interested in sports and have a young attitude, they should have reached the age to drive and do more mature things. The next group is the strong Animal Crossing villagers, they are said to be more like real 21 years old because they are very keen to party.

As Animal Crossing villagers grow older, their temperament seems to change accordingly. The 22-year-old Animal Crossing's NPC is lazy, the 23-year-old NPC is normal, and the 24-year-old NPC is very smug. It is said that Animal Crossing villagers will not become sisters until they are "within the age of 26." Four years later, they began to develop more serious jobs, entered the fashion industry, and became more independent, which turned them into arrogant Animals Crossing villagers. If you have enough bells, you will become an arrogant player too!

All grumpy Animal Crossing villagers are the oldest group, ranging in age from 32 to 80 years old. Most Animal Crossing players also think this ranking is reasonable. Just like you can Buy ACNH Bells at a reasonable price on Because the age difference of the grumpy villagers is like Dobie and Tom Nook.

According to the method of the fans, we can find the developer's setting, along with the age line, villagers of different ages will have different consciousness and behavior. This is a very good way of self-identification. Although it may be changed in the future, how to distinguish the age of the villagers has also become an interesting thing.
Catching marine fish has always been an indispensable part of Animal Crossing, and this situation will not change in 2021, because there will be 5 new fish in January and summer is a time full of saltiness. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as in previous games, players can fish in any waters on or around the island. Thanks to the real-time game mechanics, the player's weather experience at home matches the experience of their characters and villagers in the game. This means that the season will change in real-time, and players can find new fish every month. Players can add new fish to the player's Critterpedia and donate them to the museum to complete the entire fish gallery. The copied fish can be used as decoration or sold to get additional ringtones at the beginning of the new year.

As winter in the northern hemisphere has just begun, and summer in the southern hemisphere is approaching, starting from January 1, 2021, players are expected to find only a few new fish. No new fish arrived in the northern hemisphere this month, and no fish will leave at the end of January. In January, players in the southern hemisphere will find 5 new fish out of the 80 fish in the game but will lose one at the end of the month. There are a total of 80 fish in the game. Among them, 31 in the northern hemisphere and 58 in the southern hemisphere were caught in January.

Generally, players need to make sure that they have a high-quality fishing rod, which can be purchased or crafted, and they may want to make some bait. Almost all the fish that came to the Southern Hemisphere in January swam into the sea. Throwing bait in will increase the number of organisms. Although this does not guarantee anything, it can increase the player's chances of catching two of the rarest and most valuable fish in New Horizons: Napoleon and Blue Marlin.

Once players donate their first new fish to the Blathers in the museum, they can sell the replica. The fish can be sold to Timmy and Tommy in Nook's Cranny, and can also be sold to him whenever CJ appears on the island. For each fish, he will pay 30% more than Nook's Cranny players. Players from both hemispheres can also see him participating in the upcoming fishing tournament on January 9.

The 5 new fish that came to the Southern Hemisphere in January this year are:

Sweetfish: quite common; found in the river; available throughout the day; small batches of shade size; each worth 900 bells.

Napoleon fish: scarce; found in the sea; 4 am to 9 pm; huge shadow size; each bell is worth 10,000.

Pufferfish: quite common; found in the sea; available throughout the day; small batches of shade size; each piece worth 250 bells.

Blue marlin: scarce; found in the sea, only offshore docks; available all day long; huge shadow size; each bell is worth 10,000.

Ocean sunfish: rare; found in the sea; 4 am to 9 pm; huge shadow with fins; each piece is worth 4000 minutes.

At the end of January, players in the southern hemisphere will not be able to find Tadpoles, so any player who still needs to collect tadpoles should plan to find one before the end of the month. You can also choose to buy on the website:, of course, you can buy Animal Crossing Art, bells, etc.
The year is almost over. Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons ushered in an extraordinary New Year celebration with fashionable hats, fireworks, and food from all over the world. On December 31, 2020, players can choose to participate in the celebration, go to the square, and participate in an exciting New Year party with local villagers. The New Year's countdown in Animal Crossing City starts at 11 pm, so players want to make sure they can show up in time and talk to everyone before the party ends.

Technically speaking, the event will last a full day, with Tom Nuuk and Isabel starting at 5 o'clock in the morning in the square. There is a lot of preparation for this animal crossing event, from hanging up decorations to putting on cute clothes and party hats. Players also want to make sure that they will not go to bed at midnight, because after the countdown on January 1st, there will be a firework show from 12 AM to 2 AM. Players can celebrate with their own villagers, or invite friends from another island to enjoy the game and celebrate the new year.

Players will want to talk to Isabel at Animal Crossing before the event because they will receive 5 Party Poppers and a light stick that can be used during the countdown. Players can also purchase 5 party poppers in a pack from Tom Nook for 300 bells. If Animal Voice fans want some holiday hats to celebrate, they can talk to Tom Nook and spend 500 ACNH Bells to buy holiday hats. If you don't have enough bells, you can go directly to to buy, or you can buy items. According to ACBellsBuy, there are 8 different colors of party hats and silk hats to choose from, but Tom Nook only has 4 options for players to choose from each year.

In addition, Animal Crossing: New Horizons ushering in the new year with fireworks. Players who wish to establish contact with Animal Friends can join them during the countdown and talk to them. Players will understand what each villager wants to do in the new year and what their new year resolutions are. Although players cannot answer with their own answers, when 2020 is over, what each villager hopes to achieve is very interesting.

Players can also purchase different foods from all over the world to celebrate festivals through the Nook shopping kiosk. Players can buy these holiday snacks between December 26 and December 31, so they must make sure to buy them before the start of 2021. Spend the last day of the year on an animal tour with friends from other islands and villagers in their town: New Horizons will definitely be very lively, people will set off party firecrackers and watch fireworks. Hope this will bring another exciting year for game fans.
In the previous 20 years, Jagex's continuous improvement and advancement have made RuneScape more popular with fans than ever in its legend. You should also have a loyal RuneScape fan friend. Have you got the gift you bought yet? For RuneScape players, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape gifts are the best Christmas gifts.

I guess you should have bought one of the following gifts.

Gielinor desk mat is a favorite thing for boys. Can help our game settings, the entire mat has iconic positions from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape and is made of neoprene with enhanced durability and water resistance. Things are also easier to use. The 80cmx40cm design can easily cover the entire game desktop.

Secondly, Gielinor Snapback is one of the most fashionable game-related hats I have seen so far. There is a part of the Gillino map shown at the bottom. Falador, Port Sarim, and even Lumbridge all use low-key black and white designs. The 3D embroidered dragon on the front of the hat is not too cool. This size-adjustable hat is the perfect gift for friends who are obsessed with FashionScape.

Comfortable fancy socks are based on RuneScape's fancy boots. They are an ideal way to stay warm on cold winter nights, and they look great. Your socks on the sports field will make you the most shining person, and perhaps gamers of the same style, discuss with you how to make RuneScape gold.

The enamel firework cup, which Jagex calls "the main firefighter's cup", is the cup that I most want to put on the table in life. The cool pyrotechnic cloak, carried in the all-yellow appearance, makes the table in the room refreshing. I can be sure that novice pyros and experienced players will also like this gift. At Christmas time, use it to make a glass of warm milk, your winter is no longer cold.

The Max Cape Keyring is the best item that most RuneScape players want to show off their achievements. Max Cape Keyring imitates the game item of the same name, making people want to achieve 99 skills.

The real name of the wise old man was Dionysius, and everyone called him the "wise man." He is a legendary Saradominist wizard who likes to have video meetings in Draynor Village. This keyring should be the messenger in the hearts of many fans, and any RS or OSRS player will be happy to see the old Dionysius protect their keys. It will also protect your account security when you purchase Cheap RS Gold.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a popular game nominated for this year's game awards. The life simulation type provides a useful escape from reality. The most popular part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all the charming and anthropomorphic animals that will move to the player's island. Players can interact with residents through various reactions and gestures, including the pure act of giving gifts. Unfortunately, for a Reddit user, this symbol of community spirit was severely responded to by residents of Animal Crossing.

Have you found out that the residents of Animal Crossing: New Horizon Islands will not accept junk gifts on their birthdays. They have an ultimate "burning" feature to let players know if the gifts meet their expectations.

Intergalactic_Raptor shared an avatar of their Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a birthday present for the little girl Blanche. Instead of accepting her gift gracefully, this famously arrogant ostrich made a full pop sound. When receiving an old boot from the Galactic Raptor birthday present, Blanche declared that she was not a recycle bin and told the Galactic Raptor to "take this back and get out of my sight."

Although Blanche's sentence may be the most brutal thing fans have seen in Nintendo's latest Animal Crossing game, unlike bells, items and Nook Miles tickets will be liked. But for new players, the previous series of games contained more cruel plots, which may surprise them. In the Game Cube version of Animal Crossing, residents may ridicule players and local residents, and even call others "complete waste". At the same time, players in the DS game Animal Crossing: Wild World will leave a stern note on the community bulletin board announcing their departure from the town. Maybe buy Animal Crossing Bells, use some good wrapping paper, send the exquisite items you Buy ACNH Items, etc., don't be stingy with your bells.

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island, home to Nintendo's more popular residents, is more attractive than an island full of dissatisfied residents. Villagers like Lazy Marclyde are rarely left on the island by Animal Crossing fans. On the contrary, fans prefer the somewhat cunning but cute squirrel Marshal and the purple cat Bob. Maybe Intergalactic_Raptor is trying to give Blanche a subtle message, it's time to continue showing their old boots, hoping to make way for a more kind and admiring tenant.
Leveling skills in Old School RuneScape may be troublesome, but I hope the following suggestions can help your fishing.

Since the early 2000s, Old School RuneScape players who dived for the first time may not remember it, but fishing is a vital skill in the game, not only can make coins, but also improve cooking skills to make delicious and effective Better and better rehabilitation products.

Not all players are willing to spend money on the game, but unfortunately, the fastest way to fish early in RuneScape is limited to paying players. The sea cucumber task requires 30 shots, but it eventually became a task to quickly improve the player's level. At the end of the sea cucumber questline, if they start at level 1 of fishing skills, they will be promoted to level 24.

There are no golden fishing rods in Old School RuneScape, but fishing nets! Fishing nets are particularly useful for beginners because they do not need to use any kind of consumables, so they can train fishing skills. This makes it easier to stop during the fishing process, which helps players gain experience faster. The best fish for early training are shrimp and anchovies. Some good fishing locations include south of Al Kharid Bank, near Fishing Tutor, and south of Dryanor Village Bank. The player must catch 447 shrimps to reach level 15 before they can catch anchovies. After catching 139 anchovies, the player will reach level 20.

For free-to-play gamers, as long as they are patient enough, they can reasonably use fly fishing to train fishing skills from level 20 to level 99. Fortunately, feathers are not difficult to find and will not cost you a lot of gold. Trout and salmon can be found in Barbarian Village and Lumbridge. Although salmon cannot be caught until the angler's fishing level reaches 30, once this level is reached, the player's fishing experience per hour is expected to reach 30,000 to 50,000.

There are the best missions only available to RuneScape members, and you can get about 40,000 fishing experiences. These missions include sea cucumbers, fishing contests, hero missions, rum trading, the Trial of Fremennick, Song of the Swan, and the Trio of Tebwon Wagner. Sell Runescape Gold for sale should be something that paying players like. When you have 30 agility and 30 strength, Barbarian Fishing is the most effective way to improve your fishing level, and it has high economic benefits, which can increase agility and strength at the same time.

Players can obtain "The Angler's Equipment" through the "Fishing Trawler" mini-game. Every time you play a mini-game, there is a 1/8 chance of getting clothes you don’t own yet. If all parts of the clothes wear out, the experience gained from fishing will increase by 2.5%, and it will increase over time. Reach your hand to the fishing corner, its long-distance transmission capability can greatly improve the convenience of going to certain fishing areas. After all, in terms of leveling skills, saving time is the reason most players buy cheap OSRS gold, and you can save some.

After acquiring 82 fishing skills, catching small fish will be one of the fastest ways to improve fishing skills. Players enter Kylie's Minnow platform, and they can catch small fish by using a small net. In addition to being exchanged for raw sharks, players can also gain 15,000 experience per hour, and as the level increases, 56,000 experience can be added per hour.
Would you like to visit other people's islands in your dreams? What did you do with open dream ability in summer? Let me share my experience back then.

First of all, I became a member of the Nintendo Online. When I started Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, I missed the software update notification, and then I could only navigate to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Launcher through the Nintendo Switch homepage, Select update, update to Ver.14.0 version.

After taking a nap on the small bed at home, I met Luna who was enthusiastic. She provided me with an address. I saw those who shared the island in a dream, and then I could choose to visit or receive. Before boarding the ship, none of the items in the inventory were left. I think I can only check it out. After choosing I want to dream, there will be a ready to ask, and then you need to enter a friend’s invitation code, and after confirming the island name, you can click Yes. Luna will explain some related working principles, and then visit a friend’s island without waiting for a friend to arrange Dodo when they are online, which is very interesting.

When you jump back to bed and choose to wake up, all items including bells and tickets will be returned, and Luna will ask you if you want to share your dreams. If you choose to do this, all players, including players you don't know, can visit your island, even if you are offline. Of course, you need to tell them your 12-digit dream address code, and then they can see your character name and passport information, your island, your home, and the bulletin board posts you designed. Finally, upload your island status and dream address to Luna's dream library, and you can share your island.

I also found that you can find Luna to turn off the sharing of your passport and the map on the island, you can also customize whether your dream address is public, and finally, you can turn off or delete your dream. In fact, I most want to dream of Buy ACNH Bells, but everything in my dreams is fake.
I want to earn bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is something all players must know.

If you have enough bells on hand, buying enough carrots from Daisy Mae, which will only appear on Sundays, is a good investment. The risk you need to be aware of is that you must sell the carrots you bought before the next Sunday. Radishes that exceed the inventory will be placed on the ground and in the house. They only have a one-week shelf life, and you will lose money. However, Timmy and Tommy need a lot of carrots at noon and midnight at the Cranny store in Nook, and you can also sell them to other people on the island who need them. If your ability and luck are good, you may get a huge return.

Do you like adventure? It is also profitable to catch tarantulas and scorpions. The eggs of poisonous spiders and scorpions on Tarantula Island can be sold for 8,000 bells each, and you can choose to become a hunter. If you want to be a gardener, catching annoying wasps is also a good way. Each wasp costs 8,000 bells. In addition, you can plant bells into the glowing holes on your island, and a bell tree that matures in five days will give you several times the bell revenue. But you can only grow up to 10,000 bells at a time. Although you can easily get 1,000 bells by digging these holes, the return rate of planting is greater. Plant fruit trees on other islands and sell mature non-local fruits to Timmy and Tommy. You can get 500 bells for each fruit.

Hit the rocks during the day and you can get up to 16,000 bells. Looking for an elf at night is also one of the ways to get bells. Of course, if you can get those expensive items or tickets, it is also a good choice. Maybe someday they will be the hot spot in the Nook Cranny store. You can even double the income by selling them. So pay attention to some hot topics, discounted Buy Animal Crossing Items should all be purchased in time. The next bells rich is you.
The winter-themed DIY recipes that will last until January 6 have come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' islands in the northern hemisphere. Let us catch snowflakes, make snowmen, and get new wallpapers to create the winter in our hearts!

The snowflake recipe will have snowflake packets, ski slope wall, ski slope flower, the tip of the iceberg, iceberg floor, falling snow wall, and snowflake wreath. These are beautiful recipes that we can collect or make. But before that, let's see how to catch snowflakes!

Snowflakes are like Bells on, all over your island. You just need to treat your island as a web-like spider, carefully discover each piece of snowflakes that adhere to the web, and then capture them and put them in your inventory. But be aware that snow will melt. Some facilities that can swing like a swing will make the snowflakes disappear. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t forget the large snowdrifts and ordinary snowdrifts around your town. You may be able to catch larger snowflakes. Collect a lot of snowflakes, it will help us a lot in the recipe.

Obtaining snowflake recipes is very difficult because it can only be obtained from inaccurate balloons. These floating balloons always appear in your town at specific time intervals, and you can get resources by shooting them down. But unlike you can get bells by Buy Animal Crossing Bells, it will only randomly drop furniture, clothing, tickets, recipes, etc. You may not get what you want.

Of course, there is a way, because balloons are usually generated every 4 or 9 minutes. You have to figure out which side of the island they will appear from during the day and night, and then appear in advance on the beach where it will appear, and shoot down the recipe full of recipes. Balloon it. Let us go through troubles to get precious animal crossing: special seasonal DIY in New Horizons.
Many villagers in Animal Crossing have their own personalities and quirks, so you may not like to have formulaic communication with him, but they are indeed unique, and they have at least one redemption feature.

So which one would you choose to camp with you?

Happy old man Billy, he likes to dance around the campfire and happily tell stories about the fire. He seems to be an interesting camping buddy, but in fact, he is very fragile, and you may have some difficulties looking for his help. Do you want to hear him yell dagnabit?

Gala, a pig villager who loves to play, always has unlimited energy. She dresses up carefully and pays tribute to the world with her "nor" behavior. She who wakes up early will prepare apple and pork pies for you. In the evening, her beautiful violin makes people intoxicated.

Benedict, the lazy chicken villager, always gets lost and cries in the forest. I think our ACNH Bells was kidnapped by aliens with him!

The superhero Kid Cat has always protected his friends all over the world. He always leads the team on trekking in any woods. He is the best choice for most people! Because he will tell everyone happy battle stories during the campfire.

Aimee also likes the beloved clown sheep Pietro, and Boomer, who is allergic to cherries, is very capable of accomplishing tasks. Fashionable Vivian always decorates her home. Gail, who loves nature, is always a sweet look, just like the comfortable customer service beauty when buying ACNH items. But what she is liked by people is that she knows what plants are edible and what bugs she will bite. Imagine skating and boating with her while camping, just like Buy Animal Crossing Bells at, which is unforgettable.
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