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This came across as quite PR"The team are throwing themselves in this challenge". We know things have affected. At the period that Archaeology and PVM heartbeat were getting prepared for launch, there should have been others working on something since the beginning of the year that many would have expected to be getting prepared for launch a month or two after archaeology, but there has not. Working from home occurred and for me I got next to nothing done for the month due to technical issues.

However, it got better and by the 3rd month I was back up to full pace, maybe even more efficient than working at work because there was no annoying encounters and beurocracy taking time up. So after 3 months of working at home, there's one update almost ready. There's still something wrong there. Some individuals will have it worse than others because of family etc. However, by this point technical issues should be sorted out. Jagex should be providing employees with the essential equipment if this really is a long-term thing, to do their job. When it comes to working from home the games and technology industry ought to be one of the most suitable sectors.

Adapting the approach into the decreased capacity sounds like this monthly update thing is temporary till you can work from the office? Or is it a thing to handle workload? What are"present plans"? Before the plans were shelved, it would have been nice to know these. Are these gaps a 3/6/12 month gaps between large update/expansions? And by changing plans does this imply no longer doing large updates/expansions?

Frankly, I am fine with that if it did seem a little PR'y since they're throwing themselves to be fair. A team actively look to react and find opportunity in a situation that RS gold affects production output is very rare in my own experience. It might have been simpler from a development perspective to stay the course and only accept the slower delivery cadence - and many teams would choose that choice and throw out the COVID justification.

Talking for this as a witness management is no small endeavor. That takes work, time and a great deal of coordination - and then you need to go execute on it. But the hope is that this is the way to visit deliver additive material and prevent huge gaps.

However on the WFH front, your situation is precisely the same for others here in Jagex also, but maybe not for most (especially those with kids or less than perfect work environments). We have inner Wellness surveys that people respond to along with Production Estimates which have shown the gradual decrease in productivity - last quote was over 30% down. I can safely say I'm definitely mentally taxed rather than working. It's a tough situation for many.

On strategy: This is an adaptation to our scenario. We wish to go back to those Archaeology sized material strikes in the future. That said, if this approach is popular, I can't imagine we would not take cues from that in our post remote-working plans. On the plan: This refers to the stuff we announced at cheap RuneScape gold - that were largely all big pieces of content.

You should be 2K MT able to present your teammates highfives and stuff like that on the court. I need to be able to get my own participant emote positively towards 18, if LeBron is dunked on by my teammate. You also need to be able to yell out to your teammates, for example:"shoot that next time" or"I was open""remain home on your guy""post that guy up" etc etc.. If you consistently shout for a man to play outside of his game, for example: telling a non shooter to take or a bad defender to quit letting guys go by them; your teammate chemistry with that player should go down and vice versa in case you are always encouraging them.

This is a great idea, perhaps you could use a headset to speak to them, it would most likely be hard to implement but that would be awesome. The headset idea is awesome, I never thought of this. To me literally having the ability to say"fine pass" or"nice defense" goes a long way. Exactly, they could do that with basic voice commands or else they could do it how rocket league does it. This makes a dynamic relationship with your teammates in a way that the pre-made cutscenes simply can't accomplish. If you're always a jerk teammates should be in a position to ask trades away from you while being fine encourages teammates to remain with the team.

Can't agree more. My initial construct for every 2K I try to have as much of a career so I usually play with at least 2-3 seasons and using an actual story or being able to interact with players more would be a fantasy. Building friendships and rivalries with whoever you want and being able to begin a fight, getting ejected or seeing someone go nuts would be so entertaining. And should the commentators would not tell me their life story but really comment on NBA 2K21 like COMMENTators are supposed to, then the total MyCareer would feel really lively, fun and even offers replayability, instead of just grinding your new build and using an avg. Of 75/25/15 every game with Shaq congratulating me.

Ive always believed that you should have more connections with your teammates. Fantastic idea. That is sorta in NBA 2K21 currently but it's arbitrary. By way of example following a shot is made by a teammate on an and one in the event that you walk or run up to them it plays with an animation randomly. It really brings the immersion to a different level. If we can help up teammates, I would love I do not think I've ever seen that occur.How about Buy 2K21 MT not letting the nephew spend money on VC in any way?

Auras are Best OSRS Gold site miserable, horrible things as well. They pressure you to stay logged in for so long as they continue - then state,"shoo, shoo! I'm done. Go away." When they are over, because, hey, you just used this wonderful item that helped you a lot and maybe even was essential to you being able to complete the content you were enjoying. However, don't go for too long it states. Come back soon! It is an uncomfortable drive and tug - rather than simply encouraging you to play when you desire, it motivates you to play habitually, but not play too much - because hey, even if you do actually advance to where you want to go that's step one to getting bored with RuneScape, that can be just a short jaunt away from canceling your subscription and taking a rest from RuneScape.

Oh and lord, RNG is just. Questionable Lots of the time. With RuneScape getting more and more and more lengthy, RNG grinds it's kinda bound to happen that people get sucked into extended grinds that go nowhere they keep pushing. Additionally, it is probably hitting on some comparatively negative emotional trappings. Anyway, yeah, the layout has problems. A number of these issues aren't properly recognized by the community regrettably, so there's little strain on Jagex to do anything about it. As for what I like - I like just exploring RuneScape, doing strange things that other people don't to, and learning more about the little things. I like to progress to goals that build towards something higher - the manner RuneScape can crescendo over time is gratifying.

I think this is part of the reason why I've loved RuneScape for so long many men and women play RuneScape continuously - then they're disappointed that there is no fresh content. Meanwhile, most of the time that I play there is something new to explore because of my fractures - combine that with researching market things and that I avoid being tired of RuneScape quite well. Like, lately I have been doing things and I am working on a ironman.

Wow, with a name like that I did not expect it to be a depressing burn post out. Have a rest from membership if you are on a monthly program and possibly even considering doing bonds so that you devote two weeks at one time. If you are weighed that greatly on by the purchase price, it a hint. Break up the grind. Tired of archeology? Do a little bossing. Tired of bossing? Do a few quests. Tired of quests? You should just really grind when you have a goal in your mind and even then you should really take some breaks if this aim is going to take over a few hours. You may even have a rest from RS and do something else for a while if it becomes grindy.

Another part that is significant is recognizing what activities are busy and what ones are AFK. The afk stuff is what feels but if you have something different to do. Kind of. You may simply have to find items that are even more afk so you do not have to change and care less when it becomes disrupted or you hit reception timer or something. Part of this is creating goals and taking breaks to do other things or anything else busy. Anyway appears to be a classic case of burnout. Normally what helps is taking a break or at least take cheap RuneScape gold less seriously and find something you truly want to do instead of just grinding things out.
cbecoming more RuneScape gold development-update orientated that should give more of a sense of what you're looking for. We're very much committed not to announcing matters too premature to prevent mistakes of the past, but in the same time, we would like to increase transparency alongside that rather than you all feeling more at the dark due to it. We're coming up with strategies for how we hit that balance right now and hopefully whatever we come up with will feel closer to what you described!

What I described to you is exactly what Jagex did for years before Mod Warden came about and put a stop to it. Because something that was good was finished for no reason with no substitute, players in the community are mad at Jagex. Additionally I want to continue to reiterate something that I am afraid you guys do not understand: The error in the past wasn't that Jagex declared something too early, it was that you didn't properly communicate its progress, plan changes, and rationale behind everything.

The example would have been the bank. It was something that'd development sites and attempt but was pushed aside because of Mobile. Mobile demanded the motor group that was the exact same group needed for the bank rework and was a larger priority. We were just told the rework was on hold/not being worked on until the motor group was available. Even though this it was suggested several times that Mobile was the main reason behind the delay, it was never explicitly stated. Every time a comment on reddit stated it was shelved it triggered a backlash. Partly because the term'shelved' is misunderstood, but mostly because Jagex did not communicate it efficiently.

Then add a new tab / section to the news update where it clearly states upcoming updates / changes to RuneScape and they're not yet? You guys went back and updated the aisle on the article, which is amazing and all, but might have been avoided all together if you'd placed it in a more appropriate place to start with. I believe the point that Rubic makes to you holds merit. There would be no need to have content like this in upgrade articles if you guys brought back videos and BTS news articles.

There is not anything wrong with supplying a month look ahead provided that you men include a disclaimer that this is just what's intended rather than guaranteed AND any flaws are suitably communicated with updates regarding advancement supplied occasionally. You guys did relatively well with the communication about the Archeology delay, but you dropped the ball communicating it's progress to the stage players began joking about it having joined the shelf just like the rest of the upgrades that get hyped but then delayed indefinitely. The RS3 team needs to receive its crap together and fix since Shauny left the communication issue that's grown out of hand.

There's absolutely no reason we should be hearing about the way the global situation has impacted you guys a lot of 4 months into it, especially since the OSRS group has managed to be so transparent and create significantly more content in this moment. I am not blaming the rest of the CM group or you but it's very clear that something needs to change, and it needs to occur. It's absurd that RuneScape that charges 11$ per month, sees a regular annual growth in profits, and continuously releases MTX after MTX to"survive" does not have buy RS3 gold competent communication.
We are RuneScape gold currently getting monthly updates, arch is great and all, but it was the January update that arrived in April. What about those other 3 weeks? What about these patch weeks? You finally announced the new pursuit needed to with the players that were miserable. It has was in development for months, before some mod stated it's in design phase in a twitter article. I am done with the words. Show us you're shifting and we're going to believe it. Jagex includes a steep road to climb, although I get it you weren't here for it all.

I get that its bothersome, but I appear to bear in mind that back in 07/08, we frequently had weeks with no updates at all. Time is taken by Game dev, although big upgrades are nice. And RS is its own worse enemy because its huge! Imagine they're having to compete with today. For me, the problem comes with them communicating matters, and being translucent, that has never been Jagex suit. Additionally, a lot of the patch notes are in fact great for RuneScape, with some of the undesirable upgrades throughout the years being improved, as long as they don't try and sell those as large updates, I don't find a problem, really. Though, the updates've to be good, for monthly updates to be sold by them. That.

RuneScape Main Theme Arranged for Concert Band

I've spent a great deal of time the last couple weeks working on this arrangement of the main theme music from RuneScape. I attempted to make the score look as professional as possible, so I'd like opinions on it - particularly from those of you that are good with engraving or know the music. Watch description for detals - but I want to preface by acknowledging that there's a good deal of information for the layman.

Overallbuy RS gold done, in my estimation. It appears to capture the spirit of an adventure type of theme, although I don't know the original. The combination does not do justice to what it sound like, I think. E.g., sometimes a theme is not as prominent on your combination as what it will be in a real band. The figures often overshadow the lines.
I mean they ruined parts of RS gold their desktop client. The only good thing to come out of cellphone has been eliminating Java, which is not even a net with much bugs continue to be in the NXT client that weren't present for the Java one favorable. That's what happens when a lot of your important engine devs are stuck working on a single project for years lol. At least OSRS got the version from the way. I mean when we get some new blood playing runescape as on a phone it can compete with shit like raid shadow legends lol it could actually be the most beneficial thing for RuneScape at quite a while. Like the miniclip boom.

I mean, OSRS failed already and attempted. Their amounts spiked pretty much returned to pre-mobile. It all really does after all of the cell audience renders is give a means for vets to AFK more content for longer periods of time, which I guess boosts concurrent players, but isn't the kind of action you truly need to see in an MMO. It is an MMO, yet everyone treats it like an Idle game.

The new skill in OsRs ought to be an idle skill like merchanting or something. Since it is I never play game on mobile since the only logical time to play it is during my job breaks and they do not let you show the current time in RuneScape match on cellular so I would be at risk of losing track of time.RS3 certainly has a bigger team than OSRS though. But in the rate at which the OSRS group is growing lol could be changed by it. OSRS staff is around 40 people dedicated to RuneScape now, there are more individuals at Jagex involved with it of course.

They likely have ~100 devs however 90 of them are currently working on Jagex's next, as yet unnamed, non-RS game that as usual will probably be dead on arrival. I think that it is ranked. That will not prevent them from giving up if it is not insanely profitable. I simply have not seen any hint from Jagex that they are eager to spend the effort required to create a thriving full sized match. They couldn't even be bothered to cover another company enough money to complete making/maintain a very low attempt runescape idle game.

What Warden intended by that remark is that, with all our current generation impacts, delivering that scale of content just isn't something we do. It's a part of buy RS3 gold what Warden was talking about with respect to reshaping the sort of content we create in this develop-from-home entire world, with a concentration on delivering smaller scale (but nevertheless meaningful) content more regularly.