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Your sex drive depends on several factors. These factors include your health, mental wellbeing and relations status. It is entirely possible to increase sex drive naturally. You need both physical and mental stimulation to increase drive.

The simplest method, you might say, is using drugs like Viagra 150mg. But even after this drug, you need sexual stimulation to overcome the erectile defect. Without the interest in sexual matters, or desire for intimacy, you cannot get the full benefit from drugs. So, let us study some effective natural methods to increase drive, desire and sexual energy.

Start from the form of physical exercise

Any physical exercise that is easy for you to stick with is the first step towards increasing sex drive. Even a simple brisk walking, jogging, and basic stretching exercises will do initially. If you can spend some time in a gym, it would be an additional plus point. But even without a gym, you can perform yoga postures. There are some specific postures for sexual health. Or simple sun salutation will be enough to stretch the body.

Physical exercises will increase blood circulation in the body. The blocked energy is released and you feel energetic. Exercises help you to shed extra weight. Exercises take nutrients and fresh oxygen to all cells of the body.

Shed extra weight

If you are obese, then reduce your weight. Cut down on fatty or oily food and increases intake of protein, vitamin B complex and fruits. There are males who face obesity as an obstacle to satisfactory sexual life. For these males, any reduction in weight and body fat will be increasing in sexual drive and energy.

For increasing sex drive

Soaked black grams to cut the risk of lifestyle diseases

Every morning make it a point to take a handful of soaked black grams with breakfast. Take soaked black grams on empty stomach in the morning. Within a few days of continuous use, you will feel some difference. The first will be an increase in energy level. This energy will be transformed into exercises and more rigorous exercises.

The black gram will remove all toxins from your body. You blood vessels will remain flexible and clean. Your heart health improves tremendously with soaked black grams. Since black grams are full of fibre you will eat anything till lunchtime. This keeps checking on weight. The cholesterol always remains under check with black grams.

The multiple benefits of soaked black grams will be a tremendous boost to sex drive and energy. It is important to have a strong desire or sexual energy to take full benefit of ED drugs.

A health male will get more benefit from ED drugs

A smaller dose of Generic Viagra 100mg will be enough to give maximum penile erection power. The drive and desire will emerge from lifestyle intervention just mentioned. The hard penile erection will come by using erectile dysfunction drug.

Healthy use of erectile dysfunction drugs

Erectile dysfunction drugs are meant for males with erectile dysfunction. But a healthy male in mid-years can creatively use the drugs to enrich his sexual life. The first step is to keep yourself fit and avoid any lifestyle diseases. Then use a lower dose of any erectile dysfunction drug. Since you are using the drug for a hard penile erection, not for erectile dysfunction, you do not need a powerful dose. The dose of Sildenafil Citrate 200mgwill be enough for glorious sexual intercourse.

There is no harm in using erectile dysfunction drugs for enhancing sexual life. Your health and physical fitness levels will support sexual life. In fact, by using ED drugs like Kamagra oral jelly 100mgyou will maintain you’re healthy by indulging in sex more often. In the mid-years of life, sex is the best exercise for the heart and mental wellbeing. 

Prostate surgery is the only solution to control and treat prostate cancer. The surgery brings total cure, but is has a side effect, which is early difficulties in the erection. The recovery from surgery takes time, but till the complete recovery there are chances that erection will be difficult.

Erectile dysfunction is a weak erection that is not strong enough to have a normal sexual activity.  Certain medical conditions make it possible to get the erectile dysfunction as side effect. Cardiovascular disease, kidney or liver issues are the primary medical factors that lead to erection difficulty.

Prostate Surgery Makes Erection Difficult

Prostate surgery makes erection difficult till the complete recovery.  The man gradually gets back the erection, after a long period that could be up to a full year. It is under the bladder and surrounds the urethra. It secretes a fluid called prostate fluid that is ejaculated with semen. The position of the prostate gland is such that any swelling in it puts pressure on the urethra and disturbs the urination process.

The possibility of the prostate problem known as benign prostate problem develops after 60 years of age. The growing swelling of the prostate can also be the result of formation of cancer in it. In case of cancer, surgery is the only option of treatment.

Immediately after the surgery, the male can find some difficulty in erection. In fact the erection may not be possible. The erection process will take time. The patient has to take medical consultations before use of any erectile medicines like Viagra 200 mg. it is better to avoid any erection producing medicines for few weeks after the surgery. First of all, let the normal and natural erection process come back to the original level.

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The rate of recovery after the surgery depends on several factors, such as degree of the prostate cancer, age of the patient, and technique used in the surgery. In one technique called nerve sparing, the patient gets an erection after two years of the treatment. In other technique known as non nerve sparing, the recovery takes time. We can say that one fact is certain, the surgery of the prostate, have a negative impact on the erection of the man. But the recovery is possible, though, it takes a time and a lot of other factors are involved too.

A patent who wants to get the erection by erection producing drugs like Levitra 20 mg needs medical guidance. There will be not impact on the orgasm, but the side effects from other medication can increase. It is vital to avoid mixing the erection producing medicines with other medication a patient may be on for complete recovery.

Depending on the Age, Vacuum Tubes are Also an Effective Option

Some patient who do not want to use drugs for erection opt vacuum tubes to get the erection. These tubes are safe compared to the drugs. The tubes are hallowing tubes put on the penis with a ribbon at the base. With air from the tubes is removed by action of pumps. The vacuum created inside the tubes ensures expansion of the penis nerves. The expansion dilates the blood vessels and blood flow increases in the penis for a hard erection. Then gradually the ribbon is lowered on the back of the penis to sustain the erection for sexual intercourse. This is the non medical procedure which has no side- effects. 

However, a younger male after recovery from the prostate surgery can use generic Cenforce 100 mg for erection. But medical consultations are needed to prevent any fewer side-effects from creating a medical emergency.

So, it is possible to have a bit of erection problem after prostate surgery. Any surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy has the same effect. Medically, it is due to the fact the nerves that participate in the erection process are affected even after highly successful surgery. If a patient is not of old ripe age, then there is no cause for worry. The recovery from the surgery will bring back the erection depending on the sexual stimulation of the man. However, there will be no affect on the orgasm a man experiences after the surgery. Even though, medicines Cialis 40 mg for accelerating the erection are safe to use, the prior medical consultations are paramount for safe enjoyment.