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During Christmas, we not only want to send blessings to family and friends but also to give them gifts. Now, it is possible to send gifts to family and friends in Animal Crossing, and even send special postcards with the theme of winter. You can complete all operations through Dodo Airlines' in-game mail system.

Pick up toys and gifts and send them to friends and family on your island or your friend's list. If you want to pack more beautifully, you can also pick up some wrapping paper. A piece of wrapping paper usually costs 160 bels, and a bundle of wrapping paper costs 800 bels, depending on the style. Then wrap the gift and send it out.

To wrap a gift, use the X button on the Joy-Con controller on the right to open the inventory, and then select the wrapping paper. Select packaging from the menu, and then select the items to be packaged in the inventory. In addition to the packaging, players can also buy Animal Crossing Bells, ACNH Gold, and Nook Miles Tickets. I personally like Animal Crossing Gold very much because it is beautiful. Throughout December, you can see a large number of festival-themed holiday decorations around the residents' service square on the island. First, you need to buy toys and other special gifts at the ACBellsBuy store.

After entering the information, you can attach a gift. In the lower right corner of the screen, click the icon that looks like a gift. Select the item to be attached from the inventory, and then select Send postcard. Your recipient will receive it in their mailbox the next day.

With the continuous updates and upgrades of Animal Crossing: New Horizons festivals, players can collect decorations by shaking the decorated trees, the colors are red, blue, and gold. These different colored decorations are used to make holiday sets. Players also need to find hidden recipes by popping up floating balloons, just like DIY recipes for snowflakes and cherry blossom petals. This is a new DIY production material.

During the event, players can shake the decorated cedar trees on the island to collect decorations of different colors. During the festival, players can find three types of decorations: red, blue, and gold. Gold trinkets are the rarest and are usually the hardest for players to find.

If the player has extra decorations, it can be saved or sold. We can also sell every kind of decoration on ACBellsBuy, as long as the player spends a little gold here. here, Players who purchase decorations can also send some things to their friends to help them complete all DIY recipes.

Some cedars on the player island will be decorated with colorful lights and ornaments. Ornaments are unique new handmade materials this season, players can collect Nook Miles Tickets materials to make new holiday series DIY recipes. The accessories come from the cedar trees decorated around the player's island, and the player needs to shake the tree to obtain materials. The decoration will not always fall off. Not every cedar on the island will be decorated, so players need to search first. It is also important to know that accessories will not always fall on the first or second shake, so players will need to persevere in collecting the items they need.
Animal Crossing is a series of updates released by Nintendo. Animal Crossing is a casual game where players can customize their goals, from uninhabited islands to multiplayer towns.

The new update will add new features, including the ability to swim and dive on the island. Divers will be able to capture new marine life, and swimming in the sea will make you meet familiar faces. This is a kind of otter called Pascal, very cute, trust me, you will fall in love with it in a short time.

Swimming and diving are about to enter Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is part of a free update that will be released. Players will be able to donate new marine creatures to Blathers's, including eels, starfish, scallops, sea anemones, etc. The Animal Crossing series is undergoing updates and changes. Our ACBellsBuy store has also been continuously updated. For many players, this is a trusted platform with a lot of items to choose from. These beautiful items can be used to decorate the player's island. For houses, etc, buying ACNH bells is a wise choice, ACNH Buy Items, I like this kind of decoration. Almost forgot, there is another news, Pelican Gulliver will also change clothes in the July update. He has a pirate-themed appearance and will give players unknown special rewards for helping him.

Nintendo stated that Animal Crossing: Another free update for New Horizons, but did not specify what it will bring to the fascinating life simulation. The trailer released on Thursday seems to indicate that the update will add fireworks to the game. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available for Nintendo Switch.
It's another annual holiday. Animal crossing fans expressed their love for Nintendo's successful franchise and holidays with some beautiful and creative fan art. Everyone's favorite New Horizons villagers like to celebrate Christmas, just as admirers like to decorate their houses Like the community, these artworks also prove this.

On Christmas Day, people reunited with their families and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Animal Crossing is a casual game where players can customize their goals, from uninhabited islands to small townhouses. This is a very suitable game for families. Buying ACNH Bells is a wise choice,Nook Miles Tickets Buy, I like this decoration. Fans can reproduce their favorite villagers in comfort, winter and Christmas themed artworks, thereby enhancing their sense of health. Provide links to support talented artists.

Some countries/regions in the world are experiencing a snowy season, and this season is very suitable for building Snowboys. Some players are also preparing for New Horizons Toy Day, the game is known for releasing new content and providing players with many outstanding performances. The title of champion won the Best Family Game Award of the 2020 Game Awards, which makes sense because it allows families as well as distant friends and family members to stay in touch by visiting each other's islands.

In the game, players pay labor and repay debts to upgrade houses, catch fish, become friends with local animals, unlock new characters and new features, and can also stroll and enjoy the scenery, which is very interesting. There are also discounts at Christmas. During the event, players purchase items at lower prices than usual. Time: 12.21.2020-01.03.2020. Friends of the game hurry up to join.
For free-to-play fans who don't want to pay, assuming they are patient enough and enough time to use this method of fishing, start with feathers. The good news is that feathers are not hard to find, they are easy to find. For example, trout and salmon can be found in barbarian villages. After the upgrade is completed, after reaching a higher level, the player's fishing experience per hour is expected to reach 30,000 to 50,000, which is very attractive.

Then the next one is a screenshot of the trading mission in Old School RuneScape. The best mission for level raising fishing is only available to RuneScape members.

For free users, you must change to another training method. There are many ways to complete the tasks in the game. 38,590 fishing experiences can be found so far. Players who want to join a membership can use the RSgoldBuy store to purchase RS Gold directly. It is the currency that runs through the game. Players can buy RS3 Gold and exchange it. It is very worth having.

A screenshot of the mini-game in Old School Runescape. The best items to wear for fishing cannot be found in the traditional raid. To obtain each piece of equipment, the player must go through a special mini-game. Every time you play a mini-game, All have 1/8 chance of getting clothes they don't own. But if the parts of the clothes are worn out, the experience gained from fishing will increase. Although not much, it will increase over time.

Players can also reach out to the fishing corner. Although it does not increase experience, its long-distance teleportation capability can greatly improve the convenience of going to certain fishing areas-after all, in leveling skills, time may cost more than actual gold. Barbarian fishing sounds like something that animal lovers would be very unhappy about, but for the old-school Runescape paid players, this is the most effective way to improve fishing. It needs 30 agility and 30 strength to do it. Jumping trout, jumping fish and Le fish can all be caught by this method. It can also help players gain greater agility and strength when fishing.
The leveling skills in Old School RuneScape can be difficult. Hope this article is helpful to you. Welcome to continue reading.

First: the best fishing game. The fishing mechanism in Old School Runescape is not well known, but fishing is an important skill. Therefore, new players should practice fishing skills more. Although it is very difficult for free players, players can buy Old School Runescape Gold to redeem items or upgrades, which is very convenient.

Second: Screenshot of the sea cucumber mission. Not all players are willing to spend money on games. Unfortunately, in the early days of RuneScape, the fastest way to fish was to pay, and players needed to spend a certain amount of gold.

You can visit the RS gold Buy store, which provides customer service online throughout the day and occasionally offers special offers,such as RS Gold and OSRS Gold. At the end of the sea cucumber questline, if they start from level 1 of the fishing skills, they will eventually be promoted to level 20, so when the player improves this skill, this is a key gain.

Third: the old-fashioned shrimp and anchovies, the fishing rod in the old-fashioned RuneScape, can be used for fishing, but there are fishing nets! The fishing net is very helpful for beginners because it does not require any consumables, so you can train fishing skills. This makes it easier to stop while fishing, which helps players gain experience faster.
Old School RuneScape is abbreviated as OSRS. It has never been a single-player game. This is a team collaboration game that requires multiplayer online role-playing games.

Deadman mode is a place where open-world players compete with other players. After you kill other players, you can get all the items on the dead player. Ironman mode is considered the most difficult version of the game. There are also Ultimate Iron Man mode, Hardcore Ironman mode, and so on. OSRS Gold is a very important thing in the game, it can realize the transaction, exchange, and upgrade between items. if you want to reduce unnecessary time wasted in the game, you can buy it at a low price.

This game is simple but exciting, you can use multiple modes to play. The main way of interaction is to click on rules and interact with NCP, objects, and entities by clicking the left mouse button. You can select multiple options by right-clicking on the options. In Ironman mode, players will not be able to conduct any form of financial transactions with other players.

In the past, only users with valid subscriptions could use the game, but then, developers regularly released updates and patches, the game became more and more popular, and the free version was released in 2015. Of course, the free version only allows players to access certain parts of the game. Initially, OSRS is only suitable for computer login and online. With the efforts of the developers, new content and quality of life updates are provided based on user feedback. OSRS realizes the simultaneous playback of Android and iOS. At present, OSRS has accumulated millions of Fans.

Developers can profit in a variety of ways to continue to create new content and keep the game updated. The same is true for Old School Runescape, which includes free content and paid content. Free content means that you can start the game without any cost. Paid content needs to be purchased with real money or game money. To be honest, paid content is very beneficial to players because these bonds can be traded for gold or game items.

RuneScape free version and paid version, what is the difference between the two versions, which version is more advantageous? Both have advantages that can be appreciated differently by each player.
If you don't have enough money to buy, but you have enough time, then you might prefer the free version. However, if you have money and don't have enough time to collect gold, then you may choose the paid version. Below, you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each version.

Free advantage: The free version is the free version you have from the beginning of your account. With this version, you will only be able to use specific items and armor, you will be able to perform 21 missions and 15 skills, and secondly, the strongest weapons and armors you can have are made by reuniting. Free users can only use energy, anti-poison, and strength potions.
Free Disadvantages: Sometimes in a free server, you may disturb yourself, because many people are doing some activities, because this may delay your progress.

Paid advantages: The paid version is a member account after the player recharges, and all areas of the game are available for you to explore. You will have full access to the 146 missions of the game, and you can use these 23 functions without restriction. You will also release all objects so that they can be acquired through missions, dungeons, or on big exchanges. Prayer potions are very important in-game mechanics because they can keep you in combat for a long time. This is a benefit that only those with membership can get. Margin paid in real money is usually considered an unnecessary expense, but it is a very effective way to improve the progress of the game. Because after obtaining the bond, you will get a very effective way to obtain gold and buy another bond.
Paid disadvantages: When you are a free player, you will be very tired of walking from one place to another, but with membership, a wealth of skills to choose from, you will lack experience in training skills.

After describing all the advantages of each game version, you will be able to understand the ideas that best suit your preferences. Old School Runescape does not have a lot of restrictions on free players. My suggestion is that if you don't have enough time to invest in the game, or just want to speed up the progress, you can come to the RSgoldBuy store. The price is low, the speed is fast, and the service is attentive. It is a favorite store for free and paying players. The price here is also for all players Acceptable, the purchased items are worth the price. If you have a purchase idea, welcome the store to learn more, click RS Gold.

Loyal players spend a certain amount of time in the game every day. With some new combat mechanisms, the old school RuneScape's Ashahama nightmare has been released, bringing the opportunity to get some new shiny rewards.

As the developer announced, the new version of the level is also a fantasy story. The nightmare is a monster. Their home is settled under the game town. It has been feeding on the dreams of innocent townspeople and slowly becoming stronger, So now you must beat it all at once. The development guide also analyzes that this is the first team battle in history, and only the spirit of unity and cooperation can win.

Technically speaking, if you are professional enough, you can win alone, but this is almost impossible to achieve. Forming a team and working with teammates is the right way, but only in this way can success be achieved.

When the beast dies, it rarely has a chance to drop a unique item. Every player who participates in the battle will get his reward, so no one needs to compete for the best loot. The more damage it causes, the better the chance of getting it. Big. To complete this pass, players need to have sufficient equipment. The accumulation of equipment is difficult to meet demand only by time. Fortunately, players can buy from our rs gold buy store. The delivery speed and service here are excellent, and the price is still the best. Preferential, for more information, please click Sell Runescape Gold.

One of the most popular MMO games, Old School Runescape already exists. This game has just been released with certain restrictions, and can only be played on a computer. With the increasing demand of players, the developers have been working hard to develop and finally realized the playback on the mobile phone. Since Old school RuneScape can be played on iOS and Android, it has been loved by players. How to play OSRS on mobile phones?

After downloading the game, open the game, log in directly if you have an account, and register if you don't have an account. The registration process is very simple. After registration, login. After logging in, there will be a very useful quick tutorial on how to use the mobile version of the game.

When you click on something you can interact with; including pressing an item on the ground or clicking an NPC, a red circle will appear to show you that you have successfully clicked the interactive object. Anything else you click will appear as a yellow circle. You just need to pinch the screen to zoom in and out. Zooming out can be useful, so you can run long distances and interact with objects that are slightly further away with one click. If you are struggling with battery life, lowering the FPS in the settings menu can help extend battery life. Use the click-drag option to click items with one click. Use the click chat box option to click the chat box instead of opening the mobile keyboard.

When it was first announced on July 17, 2017, that mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPods, and tablets could be used to play Old School Runescape, it was a sudden jump of excitement. What hasn't changed much from before is that gold coins are still very important here, and their uses are very wide, but the process of obtaining gold coins in the game is also very difficult. Our RSgoldBuy platform is very cheap and can guarantee delivery speed. Players trust, understand, etc. Click OSRS Gold For Sale.

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