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Bug Off is a regular event held by Flick, and Flick is one of the many NPCs that visit your island regularly. Depending on whether your game is in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere, Bug Off occurs on different dates, but it always occurs on the third Saturday of summer.

The points you earn during the Bug Off period can be redeemed for exclusive prizes. For every 10 points accumulated, Flick will provide you with a special piece of clothing or furniture themed with bugs. You cannot choose the items to spend points because they are randomly assigned, but you will get one of them before Flick starts distributing duplicates.

To participate in this activity, you need to reserve a certain amount of Animal Crossing Items because they will be used at any time. I suggest you get it directly from It can help you get any suits and items you need to participate in the competition. I wish you a win.

If you reach a specific milestone before the end of the Bug Off, you will also receive a special bug trophy. The flick will tell you when you reach these milestones, so you don't need to save points or track them. Your opinion will continue to the next Bug Off, so you won't start from the beginning every time.

Usually, we will see butterflies and other insects around the flowers, so we must take advantage of the flower beds on the island. Since we are in summer, you also need to check the stumps and palm trees, because this is where you usually find beetles. Buy Animal Crossing Items on Can help you get a better gaming experience.

Because Bug Off is always on Saturday, Slider will not hold regular weekly concerts on that day, but you still have the opportunity to enjoy him live. After the recent 1.3.0 update, wandering musicians usually stay on the island on Sundays within a few weeks of the event. However, as the firework show is held every Sunday of this month, it will probably reschedule this Friday's show.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can find the sneaky fox Redd peddling his merchandise on Sunday night in August. now has the opportunity to provide you with a lucky draw guide. If some players like it, they can also buy ACNH Bells and other toy accessories directly from

He will sell cute toys and accessories instead of art at the fireworks display on your island. For 500 bells, you can try a lottery and win one of twelve items. As long as there are bells, the draw can be conducted as many times as needed. Interact with the stand to start drawing.

According to our test, there are 12 possible items. Before repeating, you will get one of the first, so if you want to search specifically for one, please keep trying. When you pull out the item, Redd will read a number from the paper you have drawn and will reward you with a corresponding bonus.

When holding down A and pressing A, all of these items can perform certain operations. Some items have only limited uses. You can also trip while holding the balloon, causing the character to fall, so be careful. The above has all the content we provide. If you think it's okay, please remember to follow us. Of course, if you trust us enough, you are welcome to come to our website to Buy Nook Miles Tickets, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied.

Regarding the reward list, I don't think I should tell you what rewards you have. In this way, you will be full of mystery when you play. Of course, if you can't help it, you can search on Google by yourself, and there may be unexpected ones. reward.