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I think fosters should stay shared across all players that way should you win 40 boosts from NBA 2K20 MT the wheel, and even infinite boosts once people begin hitting elite we will have the ability to make the most of them on all players regardless of which player we spun the wheel with. There should be a button to press when hovering over every individual boost category to toggle it off or though, that way you can save block and rebounding boosts for your centers and use playmaking and shooting boosts in your guards/shooters.

Increase the normal rep you get per sport of park and rec center, nothing mad higher but a small increase I believe is necessary for almost any casual consumer to acquire past celebrity 1. Furthermore, I've heard expert am urge has been reduced that is terrible to hear. Pro am should have greater rep rates than park and rec to draw away rep grinders (like myself). I 100% instead enjoying ace am for its competitiveness, fast games and rep; I love playing it whenever a squad of 3 are online so I hope the nerf wasn't heavy handed or can be reverted soon.

Have another Badge discussion; Each time there is a patch, to a lot of mechanics feel as though they change. Green Machine, how successful is it? Supposedly patch 1.05 did not change shooting percentage(although I have screenshots of games with significant increase in shooting percentages throughout the board in online REC) but it did impact green window or the visual of a green. So is the badge still effective if most shots are now whites? Intimidator, pre patch and post spots this badge apparently outplays many completing badges. Piggybacking off my machine debate, how goofy does it look that Finishers miss high percent layups because of a badge, but guards 30 feet in the basket could drain absurd what should be low Buy NBA 2K21 MT percentage shots.

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By MLCgames
Added May 22



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