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Really loving all these art posts...I'd really like to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta get my personality drawn these days. Sadly I haven't settled on a particular look (or pair of appearances ) that I'm pleased with. Which is frustrating considering she's based from one of my long standing OC's. That's really amazing, and when I could jump on a single outfit for more than an hour, I'd totally commission one as well

Yo this man didn't wish to admit that Microsoft is really the only reason PSO2 got localized. I would be pissed if I was Microsoft. If they stated another business was needed to make them do it, it would still be bad PR as it reveals how reluctant they were to perform it. This interview shouldn't exist. Truly shows how uninterested they had been in localization. They paid for PSO2 but let's be real, if it remained on the Microsoft shop it'd be dead by years end. They paid for PSO2 but let's be real, though it remained on the Microsoft store it'd be dead by decades end.

Every game that has ever been on the MS store has died. Doesnt seem like it. There are plenty (me being one, two buddies being 2 more) that still use the MS shop variation. Mainly due to the sport pass. I didn't say expired immediately, but nearly every game in the shop expires over a year. Many good games have experienced MS strangle them with that store to death. True, true. But they did wind up putting it on steam at least instead of letting it expire in the MS store, but this guy had no interest In putting out in the west in the first place. Were there other polls elsewhere? Certainly none 8 years ago, right? Tho I was definitely there making noise back then when info was being indicated for a NA release. There is actually some truth to this legend. However from what I have read it was an absolute travesty (renaming Force into Wizard?!)

NA localization resembles a rush job though. If they already had it written or were using an older translation for a foundation, they didn't spend nearly enough time on it. Gods be operative. Apparently they were translated according to regional knowledge/culture, and hence those stupid names. Like come on there's some idiotic script problems in the sport here and there but that the Arks-Layer translation is only serviceable, not worthy of being put up on a pedestal over an official translation effort.

Unless they abruptly re-quadrupled their attempts after I stopped playing Ep6, there were still openings in the Arks-Layer translation that you could push a boat through. Bear in mind that as an addendum to the next points: The lack of taste text on gear is unsatisfactory but a consequence of the magnitude of translating such a large volume of cheap meseta pso2 articles in such a brief period. TBH, the loss is a minor one given how much gear will get cycled into irrelevance. Glitches were abound in the fan translation also, but they obtained about eight years to continuously get bug reports. How many people here really attempt sending tickets through the pso2 website instead of meme on reddit? I am pretty sure a support ticket was how the gods be surgical thing was fixed.
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Hero plays very differently from what we've seen before. It cannot be utilized as a Sub Course nor have one, so playing with Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta means just using Hero. It will have quite an arsenal, however, being able to utilize Swords, Twin Machine Guns and Talis effectively. You can stick to one of those weapons of your choice, but the Class shines when combining all three into devastating combos. Since its a new class, there will also be a new Hero character to give you a hand and give you fresh quests to practice with. A new skill was added; however, it requires you to play through the story to unlock some of them. Dark Blast allows players to become one of four Black Falz, for example Hyunal or even Angel, equipped with unique, strong attacks and buffs for a limited time. It is kind of like a Photon Blast, however much more impressive as you take on another form. These forms could be leveled up simply by using them, and points may be spent to increase each type's skills.

Episode 5 renders Earth behind and returns to the ARKS world class. Beginning from the end of Episode 3, at which Persona is trapped in a time loop using the Profound Darkness, the heroes, you and Matoi, try to break Persona out. An anomaly happens, and you find yourself in a brand new world called Omega situated in a black hole with new and old characters battling corruption once again. Omega is designed with fantasy in mind. You will find castles, dragons, siege-like quests and kingdoms all surrounded by something they call magical, but gamers will realize as photons. It sounds like another detour in the first three Episodes, but it comes back around to events with Oracle, and a lot of the lore is clarified. Just make your way throughout the story to learn.

Buster Quests are a vital part of Episode 5, together with lots of the story's battle quests with their mechanisms. These new quests are also available at the pursuit counter and may be carried out with the eight-player multiparty. They're very similar to the Apprentice Urgent Quest, where gamers must work together to safeguard towers from oncoming enemies. However, there are lots of new mechanisms which make this new with how it is more siege-like. After protecting the towers, weapons have been deployed and have to be protected to breach the castle at the other end of the field. Once it is breached, everyone must make their way to the boss -- the castle itself. Buster Quests get gradually harder as their level can be built up like Extreme Quests. Obviously, new quests imply new items, but there are also new medals to be earned and a new shop to cooperate with them.

There's plenty of new content with Episode 5 to keep players active, and the story is back to being centered around ARKS and combating with the Dark Falz. Alongside these exciting new features, new items and Scratch Tickets will also be out, and fresh Urgent Quests are going to be on how to freshen up things in PSO2. There are still lots of details to be revealed as time goes one, but some major things like combat and the world are much clearer. Hiro Arai out of Sega has been live for almost an hour to PSO2 Meseta for sale show footage off of gameplay and also talk about what new things are on the road. Not much was mentioned about the current game as well as the update coming alongside NG's release other than the graphic update, which will be looking great.
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