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The challenge of the POE Delirium League is coming to an end, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has also released the details of the next update, which lasted about three months, reminding the exiles to prepare for the June update.

The new extension of POE is Harvest. It requires players to plant seeds in the garden, but the harvest is not POE Currency or plants, but dangerous monsters. Not only that, you also need to fight them and get what you want from them.

In Harvest, it introduces new skills and mechanisms to function, similar to the system of obtaining resources through farming and crafts. In a garden called Sacred Grove, your task is to find seeds, sow seeds, grow into various monsters, and finally destroy them yourself.

You can find a seed cache in each area you explore, plant a level 1 seed, and after killing a growing monster, a higher level of seed will be generated, at which time you can continue to plant and kill the monster. Harvest's alliance mechanism. With so many changing league mechanics, this will definitely bring interesting gameplay.

Monsters killed by you can provide you with Lifeforce to make recipes, that is to say, you can fully customize the battle according to the character's ability and the rewards sought. In order to gain more vitality, it is necessary to plant more types of seeds.

Compared with the previous expansion, this is a simplified league, and even low-level players have the same opportunity to obtain advanced equipment through Path of Exile Currency. Moreover, various in-game resources (such as currency items) can be obtained in the game and are not affected by previous external resources. Therefore, this is also a good update for those who are just beginning to play Exile.

The Path of Exile has a huge, informal trading market, with many independent services, price comparison websites, and modifications to facilitate trading. At the same time, Activision Blizzard will want to maintain tight control, and may even profit from sales in some way, even if the transaction gives up real money. This is a wrong path, although POE once again shows possible effects, even by selling POE Currency to the player's clipboard.

Informal transactions are also difficult to reconcile with game consoles, which will undoubtedly be very important for "Diablo 4". In addition, the idea of ??introducing a wider appeal during the season will conflict with the demand to generate profits, because then what will creators offer in the larger paid extensions known for that cycle?

For Diablo 4 to develop in the direction of "game as a service" and to coordinate with the needs of publishers, for publishers, the ideas described seem to be low-income, which is extremely difficult work. Creative Director Sebastian St?pień collected the experience of The Witcher, each subsequent issue of this series is very different from the previous version-this is a good sign.

Indeed, Grinding Gear Games is in a completely different situation, and can afford the generous mode of free games, and the profit source is limited, unable to provide hundreds of cosmetics and other tags in the clipboard. Blizzard must generate "real" money to please shareholders.

What's more pitiful is that the two most useful ideas, extensive trading and the appeal of POE Currency Buy, may be the most difficult to borrow from the path of exile. Time will tell whether we have enough courage to adopt this method, or whether we will continue to get the continuation of Diablo III. "Diablo 3" is a successful and exquisite game, from then on we will inadvertently switch to "Path of Exile" again.

"Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium" has been released, this chapter has many parts that you need to complete, some of them are very simple, and some are very difficult. If you choose the difficult version, then you will encounter great trouble. This is why we are here to help you find the five best entry versions. After completing these simple builds, you will get a lot of rewards including POE Currency. If you are interested, please continue reading.

Since the path of exile: The League of Rogues was successfully released, now is the perfect time to share some good entry-level versions with you. If you are a novice, you should note that this is important because it may make a difference between enjoying the game or giving up on frustration. Moreover, if you are already a veteran, you may understand that a good start can lay the foundation for the success of other members of the alliance. Choose this carefully, you will have a huge advantage over others, and more POE Delirium currency can provide funds for other characters you want to play.

The good news is that all five versions I will list below have been tested by many players of "Path of Exile". All of these builds can be used as entry-level builds for many leagues, and have proven to be reliable for new players and veterans.

This is a very safe and powerful totem build that started in a brand new league. In fact, the build can simply be used with anything you pick from the ground, and because it is a totem build, it is very safe you start to slow down and freeze all the people around, which is another layer of defense. The boss fight is much easier than before, put on a totem, and then run around to see how the boss HP dissipates.

We all agree that great architecture should start with a new economy or explore SSF, because every part of the gear can be made, and we do not rely on any particular uniqueness to make architecture play a role in the path of exile. If you have never tried Exalted Orb before, then this construction will allow you to easily upgrade to the endgame.
Grinding Gear Games still keeps moving forward by adjusting the POE Currency on the 50 "Path of Exile" items, and shares 10 items that are being tuned.

Balance is essential for game studios and gamers. This is why "Grinding Gear Games" decided to adjust the numbers in many "Path of Exile" items.

Path of Exile is known for its Diablo-like procedural action adventures, with a ridiculously large passive skill tree and gems fixed on weapons and armor. Despite recent development difficulties during the pandemic, Grinding Gear Games is still making progress and has shared ten items that are being adjusted: five weapons, two gems, amulets, a pair of boots, and a shield.

Hotfooted gems are even faster, and it is now possible to increase their spawn by up to 20%, which now applies to spell casting and attack speed. This is very useful for "Path of Exile: Harvest", where players will cultivate enemies for their own vitality.

The amulet Ungil's Harmony has lost the critical strike bonus by 25%, but now makes the critical hit no damage. However, the result is that it now provides up to 350% chance of a fatal blow. This is very useful for characters who may have other passive skills or abilities, and these abilities or abilities have a certain effect and will be activated on critical strike.

One of the enhanced weapons is the "Brain Rattlesnake", increasing its chance of causing a devastating electric shock from 15% to 50% and increasing the electric shock damage by 300%. Pikachu will be proud of this. For melee buildings that want to cause as much lightning damage as possible, they must defeat the leader of the Path of Exile known as the Minotaur Guardian and hold the mace with both hands.

The scepter restricted by the Alliance is called the "Dark Prophet" and has been changed to suit the name. In addition to being able to blind enemies within 10% of the time, Buy Exalted Orb now also enables players to be immune to blindness, and can apply a powerful Malediction debuff to enemies for the duration of the blinding effect.

Almost every game company is affected by one or more of the continuous spread of COVID-19. Although New Zealand is one of the countries least affected by viruses, it turns out Grinding Gear Games is no exception. Because the country is blocked, the team works mainly at home. However, despite the current events, the latest expansion of the Path of Exile is still on a relative track. On Tuesday, Grinding Gear unveiled the next major update of the dungeon crawler, "The Road to Exile: Harvest."

For players on the path of exile, Harvest will be one of the most ambitious expansions in the game to date. Players will encounter a new NPC named Oshabi, Azmeri eliminated this character, he condemned superstition activities. Oshabi believed in the power of the land and its potential, especially after the discovery of the ancient sacred jungle. But to make full use of the power of POE Currency, she needs players who can help them cultivate the soil.

Players encounter sources of magic during the game. These root causes will point to the "seed cache", and some special seeds will be generated when marking. After laying down the life collector, these seeds can be planted in the holy bush. Players can find other seed caches to collect more seeds. Tag seed cache can also help the passage of time and increase the number of seeds that have been sown by one unit.

So what are these seeds used for? The simplest level 1 seeds will release wild, primitive or rare breeds of monsters. Defeat those monsters to collect their vitality, which can be used to create new powerful items. That is the most basic use, if you want to become more complicated?

Players are likely to perform this operation when arranging a more complex garden to activate a level 2 seed, which may sometimes fall from level 1 monsters. To incubate the second-tier monsters, players must arrange specific seed colors for the garden and arrange them in order. Level 2 seeds need to be properly irrigated, so players need to build a dispenser and connect it to the condenser and their garden through pipes. If this is not enough, the layer 2 monster will occasionally drop the layer 3 seed, which has greater requirements for growth.

The cultivation of Grade 2 and Grade 3 seeds can be difficult, but it turns out that it is worth it. They can produce special items and handicrafts, whose rarity and power level are different from anything seen so far in The Path of Exile. Level 3 monsters can even sow seeds in Boss encounters. Of course, you need to buy POE Orbs. Even if the garden is perfectly arranged, there is still the problem of defeating the monsters in those plants. But you can collect rewards only by defeating monsters.

Two weeks before the start of the new league, "Grinding Gear Games" provided a huge update to the path of exile.

"In recent years, we have increased the number of multi-threads used by the Exile Path Engine, which allows us to better utilize modern CPUs with multiple threads (logical cores). The reason for generating shaders is that the dynamic shader system we use is Frequent uploads throughout the game, if it occurs, it will put the entire game in a pause, including the POE Currency system.

In our DirectX11 backend, shader uploads are done in background threads, but the graphics driver processes them before the GPU uses them. This happens in its own thread, which may cause high CPU usage. In this case, the driver processing seems to be in the main thread, which causes a delay. Ironically, the other multithreading we have added over the years has made this problem worse because it increases overall CPU usage.

Fortunately, Vulkan played a role here. In addition to many other improvements, the rendering API also gives you full control over all operations in function calls, so we can completely avoid these uncontrollable blocking of the DirectX11 graphics driver. "

Under DirectX 11, stuttering always occurs, the frame rate drops and brief moments, once many opponents or graphic effects have to be displayed, the game will freeze completely. Vulkan solves these problems. The average refresh rate of the streamer will not increase significantly, but the problems mentioned no longer occur-this is more important than a few frames per second to avoid sudden death in the game.

Although the annoying league mechanism is usually adjusted by the developer shortly after the start of the new season, Grinding Gear Games has so far not been able to cope with the freeze and fps drop especially in the endgame map.

Because they often kill characters, so far, players have had to solve these problems themselves. In particular, hardcore mode players can now expect it, because the number of people who die under the volcano should be greatly reduced. I believe that later expansion will change these shortcomings, but now when you feel difficult in the game, POE Exalted Orb can help you out of the predicament.
At 12:26 pm on May 27, 2020, André Linken-development studio Grinding Gear Games is about to announce the next expansion of the path of exile. According to the current plan, it should be ready by June 2, 2020-next Tuesday. However, so far, there are hardly any specific details. We only know that the next expansion of the path of exile will continue the POE Currency system, which has always been the love of players.

Since the beginning of this year, it has been known that the action role-playing game "Path of Exile" will undergo some expansions this year. Over the past few weeks, the subject has become very quiet. But now, the responsible developer studio Grinding Gear Games has renewed its vitality.

As a producer on revealed, the next expansion of "Path of Exile" is coming. More specifically, it should be held on June 2, 2020-the next Tuesday. However, it is not clear how many details. Allegedly, the size of the unknown extension is about the same level as "Incursion" or "Blight". Among other things, some new game mechanics, and of course more armor and weapons, can also be expected. However, when the new expansion is announced next week, there will be no specific release date.

It remains to be seen whether Grinding Gear Games will or will stick to the original road map for exile by 2020. In fact, there should be a total of four expansions, but due to the current corona pandemic and its impact on the gaming industry, this may be problematic.

Because of the epidemic, it affects the global real economy. It isolates everyone at home. No one goes out to parties or take part in activities. To suppress the further spread of the epidemic, the merchants have to close their doors and shut down. You can still play games at home, meet their friends or family in the game, players are still playing on the path of exile, because this is their only fun at present, they buy POE Trade On Xbox in the game , to play in the game Play specific skills and get more fun. No matter when the expansion of the path of exile will begin, its heat will not decrease.
Gear Games, the maker of "Path of Exile," may have brought back the necessary equipment to continue the game, but this does not mean the difficulties caused by locking and working from home and away from the creative team.

According to Game Rant, the "Path of Exile" expansion plan was released in June this year. However, the regular expansion schedule and patch releases that the game follows are completely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, POE Currency is getting hotter. The titles of other "Grinding Gear Games" games, such as "Risk of Rain 2", have also suffered from slow development.

Although this is not ideal, it may be better if it is expanded later. The developers have set a tentative release date for the expansion of the game, which is June 24, but it is not clear whether they can complete it before this deadline. However, due to delays, players can expect developers to provide higher quality results.

Game developers have found that corona virus lock-in is bad for businesses, but it also has a good side. According to an epidemic impact report released by Channel News Asia, video games like Nintendo Switch's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" may provide a new way for family and friends to party.

People who are quarantined at home can easily get bored because they have nothing to do. This gave birth to gaming services like Steam and video streaming platform Twitch. In this case, the "record-breaking number" displayed by the platform is mostly due to personal use and a large number of players logging into the platform.

Although most developers hope that the game can run normally in the current situation, it seems that this "stay at home and wash hands" work model has gradually been accepted by the public.

The current "Path of Exile" may seem large, but its developers see it as a challenge. They remind fans that even if the latest version is completely completed at home, they can expect to enjoy a higher quality gaming experience.

Players can still experience the fun of the game itself at home games. They cannot go out to parties or participate in activities.Buy Exalted Orb from the store will increase the fun of this free game. It will also increase their confidence in the game.

We took full advantage of our gaming expertise and found several of the best free games for you. These selected products will not only provide hours of entertainment for free. They also provide you with a way to get rid of the stress of daily life without costing you a penny. The best product is the path of exile, especially the POE Currency system in the game, which is undoubtedly a hot topic.

Through the Epic Games Store app, you can find many free games that match you, from the best PC games to advanced indie games, to beautifully cooperative PC games that you can play with friends. The best free games even include some popular games, which means they can be used almost anywhere-from Steam and GOG to even (bring yourself) EA's Origin client.

Due to the wide variety of these games, we have selected some of the best free games. Free games cover a wide range of styles, and we have made various lists for players' reference. These will be your most entertaining ways to enjoy the game on a lazy day.

"Path of Exile" is a free dungeon finder that may remind you of "Diablo III", which is completely different from most of the best free games in 2020. Their Skype headset.

The path of exile takes more time than usual multiplayer games. But as soon as you start, you will be addicted to it. After playing for a few hours, you will find hidden mechanisms and functions, and a huge skill tree to play specific skills in your battles. You can also visit the POECurrency website Buy Exalted Orb to gain powerful skills. For the former Diablo addict, this is indeed the best free game.

Two years before the release of "Fate", we conducted "Star Wars 2", this is an incredible epic first-person battle, you want to pinch yourself every time you start to remind yourself this The incredible game is completely free. Naturally there will be in-game purchases. However, you can still dive into the biggest battlefield in the game, and you can still spend a lot of time using the entry equipment.

Thanks to the support of Monster Hunter World, Dauntless achieved success on a PC overnight and it is already a household name. It provides a very similar experience that can be obtained for free and easily on your PC.

Dauntless got rid of the clear environmental protection focus of Monster Hunter: World, where you are trying to protect the habitat, and the "Dreadnought" simplifies things a little bit, but only lets you kill giant beasts to protect human colonies . The game itself is also simpler and clearer, improving those dull game systems. Make it one of the best free games currently available.

Whether you are being quarantined at home or isolated, or risking the current Covid-19 epidemic to become an essential worker, you can find that the world is now bleak. Thankfully, video games can provide us with some fun that is different from reality, and the booming F2P (free game) market allows you to enjoy games for free.

The three best F2P games are summarized below. If you have an Xbox One console, you can download or play it online. Covers various styles of genres, so that each game player with different interests can find what they like.

Isometric RPG can be played alone or with friends. It ’s fun, and thanks to Grinding Gear Games ’prestigious F2P title“ Path of Exile ”, fans of this type can freely crack, hack and plunder their inner world. Upfront costs associated with alternatives such as "Destroyer 3" or "Torch Light 2".

Since its launch in 2013, "Path of Exile" has updated a lot of new content over the years, which means that the game was already in a pretty good state when it was launched on the Xbox One port in 2017. It will undoubtedly be scary for brand new players, especially when they play the game themselves. However, this also means that new players can invest as much time as possible in their favorite games without having to worry about being bored. One of the most topical is the POE Currency. The powerful skills it brings bring players a beautiful experience.

Vigor is a unique "miniature survival" F2P competitive shooting game, currently only Xbox One (although developer Bohemia Interactive is also developing a Nintendo Switch version). Last year, we played the game "Vitality" for ourselves, and its risk / reward dynamics centered on PvP were impressive. Players searched for resource maps and chose whether they wanted to escape early or stay and later in the game. Airdrop and adventurous.

Although Vigor is not the most perfect game now, and relies on mechanisms such as timers and complex resource management, Vigor is full of mobile games. However, its monetization method is also fair. Players can use real money or buy Buy POE Orbs. Shooting fans who do n’t mind playing games with rough edges should definitely try Vigor, especially when trying to surpass the quiet tension of other players sounds appealing to them.

Love it or hate it, Fortnite and its accompanying battle royale mode is still the biggest force in the F2P field, for good reason. Developer Epic Games has improved Fortnite's 100 player battle royale experience through continuous updates, map changes, seasonal themes, and feature-rich map change events (which you can witness) in the past few years. In short, Epic has been taking full advantage of Fortnite ’s large in-game purchases.

Fortnite's cartoon art may not appeal to everyone, but it still correctly earned the position of one of the most extensive and compelling F2P games ever. It also supports full cross-expansion between all available versions, which means that even if you start playing on Xbox One and then migrate to another platform (or vice versa), you will retain all progress and unlock the income earned.
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