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The Chiefs has a variety of classic passing games, which are pleasing performances, and we can also find some sparkling points from their offensive games. The Chiefs is a very powerful offensive team. They have Andy Reid's rich strategy, Patrick Mahomes' strong personal strength, and more importantly their offensive playbook. Mahomes is a very outstanding quarterback, everyone wants to add it to their lineup, Buy MUT 20 Coins, GameMS can quickly achieve your ideas.

This offensive playbook was also brought to the Madden 20 game. There are many scripts to choose from in this script, but you have to learn to be suitable. Time to use it.

Wing stack – fade out

This game doesn't look like money, but it does. The WR stack is very powerful in Madden because it often causes damage to AI defenders and its coverage is reduced. The game's role is to arrange two tight ends on one side and a bunch of receivers on the other side, giving you a heavy running look and an optimal release of the receiver. If your opponents make dime or dollar defenses to defend the deep route, you can hear the running sounds and cut them into pieces with a heavy forward. It does do all the work of this game.

Gun group of four – internal post

The Quads formation can drive your opponent crazy. They often move to the quadrilateral and are overloaded, leaving enough room on one side. If they are not overloaded, the window will pop up everywhere, especially when playing internal posts. Hit the area, then the RB / R1 late route will quickly enter the window at rest and then enter the depth of the route again, while the flat/curl combination gives you an excellent iso cover 2 corners, while in the cover 3, the separate receiver remains Can be opened deep.

Gun Y Trip – Tilt 2 Buc

Buc's 2 innings are a great way to fight with great user guards. This is particularly fatal because it hit the middle of the field from three directions. Face the cover of the person, especially the cover 1, you have a route that can be extended from the B / O, if he is behind the corner, you can score. The back route from RB / R1, if you have a good recipient, If you are missing a good recipient, GameMS can help you. Buy Madden 20 Coins will allow you to achieve it quickly and win the game. You will play a better game.
On Tuesday morning, "Maden NFL 20" officially released a new mode of changing game rules: Superstar KO, and this time the new model is free, no need for players to spend any extra cost, Superstar KO mode is included in the game update on Tuesday at 9 am, this is a groundbreaking attempt, which is completely different from the simulation experience that Madden brought us. GameMS will bring you more information about Superstar KO, and you can also buy it cheap MUT 20 Coins here.

Superstar KO is a new game mode dominated by superstar players, offering eight fictional teams for players to choose from. The composition of these eight teams is built by a combination of specific strengths and weaknesses, and EA Sports said it will be In the future update, the adjustments are continuously made. The script has also been streamlined into 24 scripts, which simplifies the player's decision-making process. For example, Dot City is a pass-centered offensive team with only one side field score, and Shutdown is a defensive-intensive team. The defensive score you can choose is twice that of the latter, but the offensive option is only half.

The duration of the game can't exceed ten minutes. The focus is on providing players with a fast and easy-to-access experience. The game structure is similar to the NFL overtime rule. Each team has one possession, touchdown and two-point conversion to score. After selecting a team, the players will recruit three superstar players to their list in a similar way to the MUT draft mode - four players per round of offense or defense. Superstar KO's goal is continuous. Winning four games and having the opportunity to be rewarded in the core ultimate team mode, which requires players to assemble teams by collecting digital trading cards. Players can also get a unique experience in the Superstar KO mode, and can also connect with the Ultimate Team, so that players can get exclusive rewards and timed rewards for their efforts. Buy MUT 20 Coins can help you Rapidly improve strength, and GameMS can help you.

With the start of the NFL season, the "Maden NFL 20" will be played for free for a limited time. Those who don't already have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Windows PC game can experience everything from Thursday to Sunday, including Superstar KO.
Most people like to get things for free, which is what the MUT rewards program offers to players. Renamed to Madden Rewards, players can get free digital and physical rewards by opening a combination of players in the game. With several different status levels, players can get some fresh free items and MUT 20 Coins by doing what they might already be doing. So, for fun, here's everything you need to get into the Madden 20 rewards program.

Signing up for the Madden 20 reward is a straightforward process that only takes you some time. Visit the official Madden website and create or log in to your EA Sports account to start earning rewards. EA has not disclosed the details of the award but has announced that in addition to the package and MUT 20 Coins, the signing players will also be eligible to participate in the competition.

Those who join the MUT 20 rewards program will be eligible to have MUT coins, packages, and some surprise items throughout the season. Players can divide into three levels, each with more MUT coins and prizes than the previous level. For example, the professional level requires the player to open 50 packages, while the full professional level requires 250 packages to open, while the legendary level requires the player to open 1000 packages.

In addition to changing the brand from MUT Rewards, players outside the United States will now be eligible for digital rewards for the first time. In the vast majority of the National Football League (NFL) action talks, it's great to see EA extend its reach to other players in countries that enjoy American football.

So if you're an avid fan of Madden 20, signing up for a free rewards program doesn't hurt. If you qualify, you can even get the free Madden NFL 20 Coins and rewards on the front porch.
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If you follow your attacker every time, they're going to know the particulars of the game and beat the opponent, however, if you don't fight in any way, they could slowly develop and may play a role.

That is if you don't have the ideal blitz. There are many different blitzkriegs in Madden 20, nevertheless, they fall into two main categories: men's assaults and regional assaults. These determine any type of insurance behind the lightning strike and you ought to tailor it to your best of the middle school.

This basic formation blitz is an excellent way to get the free sprinter directly into the quarterback. The GameMS website provides players with a large amount of Madden Coins, and the delivery speed is super fast. It causes the defensive line and also the guard to glitter into your middle, that can cause the ILB to pass through straight, or shorten the corners once the outside line is assaulted. This is ideal for fighting against the action, the hind legs and then any quarterback who would rather push outside the inside.

If you're certain you want to control who's guard coverage, then if the other guy blocks the RB, you can bring more body. Even if it will come from a base formation, technology-not only to deal with felony shotguns, particularly when you customize the lineup and hang up some personnel cover specialists inside a safe place.

You will make some alterations in this game and also hardwearing. opponents for the back. A good way to do that is to be sure that you keep your base often and bring in another internal supporter when using an external supporter for taking over his old-age insurance. If you want to Buy Madden Coins, go to GameMS now, very cheap and regular

If you've got a good number of defenders which enable it to do many solutions, then 4-3 Over is a superb formation. It's hard to disguise the pre-war battles, but you'll be able to get more predictable pressure. These five blitzes require some modifications to ensure rapid pressure.

All in this can be modified to optimize with the situation or run out of the box. The key would be to know your defensive adjustment controls so that you may quickly position the switches you will need.


In Madden 20, every player should pay attention to their team members. These players are the key to determining the outcome of a game. No one can deny the power of those super players in Madden 20. But the same price is also very expensive, you need to spend a lot of your hard-earned coins to buy those precious cards, but these costs are worth it, not everyone has enough coins, Buy Madden 20 Coins in GameMS, help You have your team more quickly. These players are very important, Defend each other's attacks, create opportunities for the team's quarterback, and breakthrough each other's formation to winning the game and accumulating points. Maybe you can get a similar card in the mission, but the best way is to go to the auction house to buy. So who is the best heavyweight to join your list? Here are some of our recommendations.

Sheldon Rankins, New Orleans Saints: This is the 12th overall pick from 2016 and is currently the best defensive tackler. He can meet any defensive needs in Madden 20 and can resist in the midfield, Any attack on the other side, of course, its price is not cheap, but I believe that this investment will not make you regret.

Shaq Mason, New England Patriots: The guard of this powerful New England Patriot can perfectly block any offense, with 91 power, he will be faster than anyone on the move, and more importantly, at He was able to maintain balance during the fast move, and he would be better than the 400000 OVR Christian McCaffrey signature series card from any angle.

Michael Pierce, Baltimore Ravens: This is a monster that can hit any formation. With 92 elite power and 87-barn scaffolding, he can help you get in touch with your guard, forming a good interaction and powerful impact on each other. The formation has increased the opponent's mistakes, and the investment in filler materials is much better than the 589,000 Willie Lanier Legends cards.

Choose the right heavyweight player, perfect your lineup, find your team's flaws in the game, and then fill in these defects, then the victory will be close to you. For more recommendations, you can follow GameMS and you can also Buy Madden Coins, we will bring you more quality information.

While Madden 20 has added some exciting new features, such as superstar x-factor players, it has also encountered several problems with the game's unique gameplay, such as how to slide the QB, which is challenging to master in this update. In addition to the necessary Madden Coins, here's what you need to know about how to coast perfectly in Madden 20 for players to avoid blocks while running.

As in Madden, sliding as a quarterback is a great way to catch up on a few yards when your team is under pressure because there is no bright pass. When the QB catches the ball, you may look for an open catch, but it's not always an option. If you need to run, you can slide to avoid being intercepted because QBS doesn't like blocked very much.

To slide, you need to do something else first -- climb. To do that, if you're playing R2 on the PS4, or if you're playing RT on the Xbox One. If you don't, when you try to slide, you'll start going around the pocket. Then, if you're on the PS4 (X on Xbox One), click Square when you're out of line, and you can swipe whenever you want. Before online, the game still thinks you're trying to pass.

If you don't do that when the other team tackles, they are much more likely to get injured if they don't want to lose. But if you're going to slide usually, be sure to tap the button, not press it hard.

It's also important not to forget to let go of R2/RT before sliding, because if you don't, GB will dive forward. If you try water skiing as a non-QB, you will jump into yards, which is a higher risk.

It is all you need to know about how to slide in Madden 20. For more game tips or to Buy MUT 20 Coins, search GameMS. The site also lists some helpful guidelines below.
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The path of exile is a free, continuous online action MMO from Grinding Gear Games that allows players to play the role you exiled from your hometown and be trapped on the sinister Wraeclast continent. When playing games like Diablo and Drakensang, players must work alone or with other exiles to survive in the fantasy world after the end of the world. Realistic, inner battles and tough artistic style will help players immerse themselves in this cruel surviving game world.

In the lively discussion of everyone, although they all discussed the PoE, they all retained the same view, that is, they agreed that PoE is the best F2P game on the market so far. Many players will also Buy POE Items on the mmoah website. Why do you say that?

First of all, PoE has long and short gameplay. If you are looking for alternative games after exhausting mainstream MMO (WOW, Wildstar, etc.), it is the best game ever. Although there are a large variety of games on the MMO, PoE is the only game that allows players to continue playing and the more fun they play. It has high replay value.

There may be some players who disagree with the idea that PoE has replay value, because, for amateurs, They usually take a break in the 40s or 50s character, but that doesn't affect their love of the game.

Developers will continue to explore various evaluations and continue to sincerely draw on the opinions of players. I think it is because of this constantly innovative team that PoE will continue to output new content for players to choose from.

As a large multiplayer online game service provider, MMOAH continues to supply POE Trade Currency to players. It has been with the growth of PoE for many years, and it is because we can keep up to date with the pace of the times. A generation of players has grown up.

As an EA video online game, Madden 20 brings an unparalleled gaming experience to the audience. To improve the authenticity of the game, it is connected with the NFL field to adjust the player's ability in the game through the player's performance. What's even more exciting is that in the game, those who have been brilliant will be able to show their strength again. For players, they will face a wealth of choices. Mut recently updated the legends cards of Brian Urlacher and Jim Brown. Of course, if you want to get these legends cards, you also need to spend a lot of MUT coins. GameMS as a professional MUT 20 Coins seller can help you solve all problems. Let us think about it, what other NFL celebrities are worth Legends cards?

The biggest possibility is Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers. This year is the 100th season of NFL. The official has been celebrating, including the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears as the first game of the year. Not the defending champion England Patriots. Is there any better way to continue the celebration than to put the Super Bowl I and II MVP into the MUT with your own legends cards? Steve Young, Troy Ekman, and John Elway have been officially listed as legends, and now the addition of Bart Starr, The historically dreamy team will reappear.

Seattle Seahawks Walter Jones is also a strong competitor to the next Legends cards winner. The legendary deck currently lacks a strong enough offensive line card. They need Walter Jones, the most powerful left tackle in history, and Walter Jones in Madden18 has 98 OVR Ultimate Legends cards. Another strong contender is Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins. Although the performance of the Miami Dolphins in the 2019 season is not satisfactory, Madden is committed to bringing happiness to people, then Jason Taylor's participation will be a surprise for the Dolphins. Jason Taylor, who was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017, is very strong. He is ranked seventh in the history of the NFL, and he has become the ideal candidate for the legendary card.

For Madden20 players, no matter who will be the owner of the next legendary card, it is necessary to prepare enough MUT 20 Coins. They can make your team more powerful and costly. Get more Madden-related information, and Buy Madden 20 Coins in GameMS.
The NFL is now in its second quarter of the season, and the entire season is still full of uncertainty. The fifth week will usher in an international competition. With the end of the fourth week of the game, Madden 20 has released a full set of TOTW 4 players. The number of high-end cards is basically the same as everyone expected, but the same as before, the MUT team does not want all options to be guessed by the player, so there should be surprises.

Players can spend 30,000 coins or 500 points to purchase TOTW card packs. Players can get two hero cards from the card pack, but the probability of extracting the LTD card from the card pack is very low, with a probability of 7.6%. Therefore, when you spend Madden 20 Coins, you may need to be mentally prepared or prepare enough Madden 20 Coins. Of course, if you Buy Madden 20 Coins on GameMS, then it will be very easy, this time there are three top cards, they are Chris Godwin LTD 91 OVR, Nick Chubb Hero 90 OVR and Desmond King II Hero 90 OVR.

Chris Godwin won this week's LTD card title, which is inseparable from his strong 12-day performance, which is also his second two card, you can Packed for purchase or purchased at the auction house, about 715,000 on the Xbox, about 901,000 on the PS4. The price is not cheap, but he worth the money. If you produce MUT 20 Coins, buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS, which is affordable. The second card is Cleveland Browns, and this time this card is his best card so far, he has another 84 OVR MUT Superstars card, you can earn this card through TOTW 4 suit, or go to The auction house paid 196,000 on the Xbox and 209,000 on the PS4. The third card is Desmond King II Hero. This card also surpasses its 84 OVR MUT Superstars cards. In the same way, TOTW 4 sets or auction houses can help you get him, and 210,000 on Xbox. Or pay 204,000 on the PS4.
As the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks will be fighting at the State Farm Stadium on Sunday afternoon, it may be interesting to see the results of the simulation game. The Cardinal used the Madden NFL 20 simulation game to score in the first four rounds, establishing a 20-3 lead and winning a 27-20 victory with the Seahawks.

They scored a 43-yard field goal on the first drive and got a 3-0. After forcing the Seahawks a punt, they scored another goal, 54 yards, up 6-0. Seattle scored with a field goal, and then Kyler Murray threw a 7-yard touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald, setting the score 13-3. At the end of the first half, the score at 20-10. In the second half, Kyler Murray shot, the Seahawks scored, but the Cardinals responded. They pushed down the court and Murray scored in a three-yard touchdown, extending the lead to 27-13. If you are a fan of Cardinals, you should unlock Kyler Murray. If you need Buy Madden 20 Coins, buy them at GameMS.

Seattle scored 27-20 in the Will Dissly touchdown score. The Cardinal resumed the offensive ball and could not exhaust the time. Instead, they tried the 58-yard field that Gonzalez missed, which gave the Seahawks a chance. However, they have no time, the Cardinals won 27-20. Kyler Murray passed 281 yards, scored two touchdowns and scored a goal, reaching 31 goals, a total of 31 goals. He also rushed for 14 yards. He was fired three times.

David Johnson rushed into 83 yards with 16 carries and grabbed 3 balls at 29 yards. Larry Fitzgerald led the two teams to receive eight receptions at 110 yards and two touchdowns. Christian Kirk has six people and is 90 yards tall. Cardinal passed Chris Carson's 14 goals to 57 yards. Russell Wilson has 275 yards pass and 2 points. Tyler Lockett has a small number of received codes, but only six. Near-end Will Dissly scored 50 yards on six passes and scored the highest. If you need more news, please pay attention to GameMS, we will not bring new news, and we are also an honest MUT 20 Coins dealer.
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