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In the design world of animal travel, players are very creative. They use elaborate design to reproduce the clothes in life and add their favorite elements so that everything becomes real and have some dreams. You want to be an artist, too! But until then, check out the artists on Reddit!

Macaronicataroni designed a white wedding dress on Reddit. If you want to have a special wedding or party in the game, you can check out his design. I recommend his white long-sleeve dress.

Reddit user cleFairyLynn created a garment that was dedicated to its Merengue and was super cute. Strawberry shortcake turned into a cute neighbor sister. Green hair circle and red small skirt, this should be the most careful villager clothing.

You'll be shocked and miss the Powerpuff Girls when you see Kittyopuppy's three Powerpuff Girls dresses. The sugar and spices were perfectly blended, and the dress matched the eyes and hair perfectly. Dress up like a Bubble, Blossom, or Hair Cup and then start saving Townsville from Mojo Jojo.

Have you ever seen designs like plates and bowls? If you don't know, you think it's food. Rainosma's bowls also contain delicious soup and noodles, and the shapes of Brimmed Hat's custom templates make it hard to tell apart.

Goobyofpls created a vintage Nuptse jacket from the 90s, Maplehoneys made a classic Patagonia camping sweater, and Sarah Geddon made a cute black cat coat. All of them designed their favorite clothes in real life in the game, and put on the villagers' coats and skirts in their memories from magazines.

The Celestre is a player to learn from, and Paya wears a fun red and white Mao suit. Slightly similar to Sheikkah's designs, but he uses a bit of finish and a sweater to give similar styles their own identity.

Cloud_fluff is another example of post-learning. Celeste's pink bow was combined with her own diamond-shaped chessboard design to create beautiful bespoke gowns for Owls Brathers and Celeste.

Feather_Dragon may be a fighter, with his axe and bloody clothes. Like the master of mischief, he wanted to scare friend or foe to death with blood spattered on his face and clothes and wild eyes.

Milkyne's kimono designs are full of traditional and modern colors. Instead of matching perfectly with bamboo groves and imperial hedges, it is lovely and beautiful with its large areas of pale green color and the starry sky background of cherry blossoms.

Whether it's kimonos or tuxes, or the Mao suits and classic jackets of game characters, players always come up with ideas that shock and delight people. can help you on your way to becoming an artist because you can Buy ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, as well as the items you want. Looking forward to seeing your work on Reddit or other social media.
Winter has entered the middle, you are still working hard for your winter wonderland! The red and blue decorations gleamed on the shaking cedar tree, looking forward to the arrival of winter DIY recipes.

In Nook's Cranny, a holiday rug worth 1500 bells requires 5 red, blue and gold accessories. It is a good choice for decoration and making money. If you still have 5 clays, you have all the handmade materials needed for the Dang Dong wall recipe, and your home will be full of a festive atmosphere because of it. You can get 2500 bells by selling before the end of the season. The holiday candle recipe is an indispensable item, only 5 red ornaments and 5 weeds are needed. Maybe you will like a custom kit that changes the color of the candle.

The luminous reindeer in 5 colors are only sold during the festival, it is expensive but very cool. The garland has more colors and is the best item for decoration, so it is not expensive. Jingle's reindeer are the villagers you get holiday wrapping paper recipes, and your gifts will look better. A festive glowing gift is a way to decorate the exterior of a house. Glowing snowflakes, with pink, yellow, or rainbow colors, you can't lack it in winter.

Glowing trees are expensive, but like desktop holiday trees, they are characteristic Christmas decorations. When you talk about Christmas, you will think of them. The luminous tree sells for 6,700 Animal Crossing Bells and can help your island reach a 5-star rating. Both decorative and very valuable. The magic is that there are holiday trees. Unlike desktop holiday trees, holiday trees require red and blue ornaments, more wood, less golden ornaments, and no clay.

The holiday top set and decoration mobile phone are you can choose to make together with your friends, it is simple and interesting, and there are not many materials needed. Find the items you want on, buy ACNH Items are what you can afford. Buy ACNH Bells to make the items you want is also a good choice. I believe you will have a beautiful winter island with a 5-star rating.
Although New Horizons was only released in early 2020, it is already the second best-selling game ever in Japan. This social simulation game has inspired the imagination of millions of people, including many creative fans. Since its launch in March this year, this cute Nintendo game has taken over social media, and players all over the world are sharing their unique ideas.

A user of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May of this year reproduced the battle arena in this RPG game. In July, players also used the function of customizing fireworks, lighting up the sky with the popular "mon".

In 2021, a Pokemon fan created the perfect Pokemon Center in Animal Crossing. Using the game's new editing tools to accurately create a Pokemon Center in this social simulation game, social media is flooded with words of praise for him. You are a genius, ACNH artist, and seeing the pictures seems to hear wonderful music.

In the stunning iconic RPG location, you can see nurse Joey's iconic medical uniform, posing cutely. Behind the counter is a pink shirt with a bliss design, a round hat with a poke ball pattern, etc. These ACNH items are perfectly combined by talented artists.

Incredibly, this is not the only location created by this talented fan in New Horizons. On his Instagram account, he also showed photos of his pocket toy supermarket. Long-term RPG players will remember that the in-game store used to be a separate building until the fourth generation.

Animal Crossing, now a masterpiece of Nintendo, was released on GameCube in 2001. Its latest version New Horizons gives players unprecedented freedom, allowing them to shape their islands as they wish. It also allows players to have more fun in the game. If you also want to be an artist, go to, you can Buy ACNH Bells, Buy ACNH Items or even Buy ACNH NMT, as long as you like.
There are many different types of villagers and NPCs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Having individuality is their characteristic. Villagers' self-awareness and emotions reflect real life. Each NPC also has its own preferences and attitudes. Therefore, in Animal Crossing, deciding whether the villagers will stay has become one of the unique fun of the game.

In the Fan Forum of Animal Crossing, some players group each villager and NPC. In the case that the game developer does not disclose any information about the age of the NPC and the villager, the age of each villager can be more accurately understood to help players choose.

According to the fan guide, the villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Village can be divided into 8 different categories according to their attitudes. The categories of attitudes include strong villagers, lively villagers, lazy villagers, normal villagers, smug villagers, sister-like villagers, arrogant villagers, and violent villagers.

Teenagers in Animal Crossing are said to be athlete villagers, aged 15-19 years old. According to a guide made by fans, if they are interested in sports and have a young attitude, they should have reached the age to drive and do more mature things. The next group is the strong Animal Crossing villagers, they are said to be more like real 21 years old because they are very keen to party.

As Animal Crossing villagers grow older, their temperament seems to change accordingly. The 22-year-old Animal Crossing's NPC is lazy, the 23-year-old NPC is normal, and the 24-year-old NPC is very smug. It is said that Animal Crossing villagers will not become sisters until they are "within the age of 26." Four years later, they began to develop more serious jobs, entered the fashion industry, and became more independent, which turned them into arrogant Animals Crossing villagers. If you have enough bells, you will become an arrogant player too!

All grumpy Animal Crossing villagers are the oldest group, ranging in age from 32 to 80 years old. Most Animal Crossing players also think this ranking is reasonable. Just like you can Buy ACNH Bells at a reasonable price on Because the age difference of the grumpy villagers is like Dobie and Tom Nook.

According to the method of the fans, we can find the developer's setting, along with the age line, villagers of different ages will have different consciousness and behavior. This is a very good way of self-identification. Although it may be changed in the future, how to distinguish the age of the villagers has also become an interesting thing.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular game on Nintendo Switch with many gamers. However, some offensive things have happened. To attract new customers, some companies and companies even use it as a tool for campaigns and protests. Nintendo has issued a set of formal guidelines for businesses and organizations, including in particular: "Please also avoid incorporating politics into the game."

In the U.S election, Biden used Animal Crossing to release a virtual game logo in the campaign and hosted information about his campaign and voting methods in the game.

"If we find that your activity does not follow our guidelines, or is harming or adversely affecting the community, we may ask you to stop such activities or use our content, and take appropriate measures, including prohibiting your future use Commercial use of the game."

For millions of pastimes to enjoy the entertainment experience of games, we have shared some guidelines. All companies and organizations are requested not to use or quote games in your business, such as Animal Crossing Bells, ACNH Items, ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, and other pictures, insert your political slogans, etc. in the map.

But ordinary players can still share their happy gaming experience with confidence. You can design and lonely island dream address, invite other players, and upload pictures and videos to popular websites and social networks.

These guidelines are only relevant to enterprises and organizations, not to personal use. But earlier this year, some Hong Kong players used it to store the logo of the new Hong Kong and share the design of anti-China protest costumes, and it was finally banned. Nintendo's guidelines still cover these players who act alone. We need to pay attention to the political margins of Nintendo, but most players should just want to enjoy the game and not participate in so-called political activities.

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Nintendo released a new promotional video for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, showing all the new content in this month's popular video game. These include snowy days in the northern hemisphere, toy festivals, and some new things, so everyone can have fun.

Although players can find dung beetles and lobsters in December, the surprise of the month is definitely the Toy Festival on December 24, and the reindeer is clanging. To hear the jingle, you must provide a gift. At ACBellsBuy, we have prepared all the ACNH Items for this update for players, and you can get them as needed. In addition, the store will wear holiday toys and costumes in the game.

The trailer also showed the ability to make a snowman, and even shake the decorated trees to make shiny gadgets. Then, you can use these decorations to make festive DIY items, such as Big Holiday Tree. If you want to celebrate this season seriously, it seems that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will contain everything you need to do. This also means that there are special New Year events in the game.

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The main purpose of players using ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is to travel through mysterious islands and enjoy time travel. In the process of earning Nook Miles Tickets, the Nook Miles Ticket will circulate like currency, so NMT can also act as Bells at some point. So how can we earn more Nook Miles Tickets?

Players always visit other islands in Animal Crossing, otherwise, you will not be able to get other colors in terms of island design. Then your island decoration and home decoration design will appear very ordinary, so you need to go out and explore.

Fortunately, the HHA score and catalog functions provided by the Happy Home Association encourage players to explore more islands to see new changes in their favorite furniture. In addition to increasing HHA scores, cataloging items also allows players to access that specific color when ordering items for a long time. In addition, if they know that other players also want to include it in the directory, they can charge ACNH Buy Bells fees to visitors to the island.

Use excess furniture in exchange for NMT

The exchange of goods is also a feature. Furniture and even DIY recipes that you think are "useless" are actually rare for others. It seems that there are always players willing to exchange NMT for the specific furniture they want. So when you want to throw away an item, you might as well wait a while. Maybe in the eyes of others, it is a rare item, then they are likely to spend a certain amount of NMT in exchange for it.

The above methods are available in daily activities. Of course, you can also join the carrot exchange in the game. Players can sell carrots on their islands in exchange for Nook Miles Tickets instead of bells. This is already a global phenomenon. If you find it more troublesome, then you can Buy ACNH Items directly from ACBellsBuy.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, ACBellsBuy has made a major discount event to repay the support of new and old male users to this site. From now until the end of November, users who use the discount code "TBD" can enjoy 8% OFF of the audience Offers.

With the update of the game's theme, Franklin also broke into your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But do you know what Franklin does? Where can players find him?

Since the beginning of this year, in the popular global game ACNH, players and friends have spent most of their time online to make their perfect island resort. Franklin is a character that often appears in the Animal Crossing series, and you will know his behavior. Finding a reliable website to get ACNH Bells quickly can save you a lot of time.

To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Franklin announced at the end of November that he would appear free of charge in the celebration of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After the theme is updated, Franklin will appear on the island.

Franklin is a Turkish chef. He will invite players to help him cook the Harvest Festival. Then, the player will need to collect ingredients for Franklin so that he can complete the dishes. After completing the mission, players will get unique furniture for this season.

ACNH is a very interesting social game. Players need to spend hundreds or thousands of hours to perfect their island adventure. If you don't want to spend all your time in the game, you can enter the ACBellsBuy site at any time to quickly buy the ACNH Items you need.

The game will continue to receive free updates. ACBellsBuy will also provide players with the most abundant Thanksgiving activity packages. You can also directly Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and choose the items you need in the game to keep players invested in their island life. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Franklin is preparing to make some delicious dishes.

Nintendo's Animal Crossing has always been one of the most fascinating and relaxing games in the world. Animal Crossing encourages people to provide creativity in various games, and this creativity will quickly spread to the real world.

Isabelle was in charge of some chores before starting to work at the Resident Service Office of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is the result of several hours of hard work by Salas and his team. The handling of details in Salas' movies is amazing, and Isabel's pleasant feeling is very contagious. In the game, you need to spend a lot of time and energy to get enough Cheap ACNH Items to better enjoy the fun of the game.

This is a stop-motion animation series Rilakkuma and Kaoru about women creating space and time for themselves, happy and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. The animators' love for the Animal Crossing series and the Japanese stop-motion animation series Rilakkuma & Kaoru inspired them to combine the two exquisite animations, which are currently available for viewing on Netflix.

Although the story of Animal Crossing revolves mainly around the player's life and interaction with other characters in the town, the focus of this trailer is Isabelle, who works in her office every day on an island, drinking her Holiday juice, just an ordinary cold person .

Nintendo's social simulation games continue to play their talents in its community of artists, musicians, model makers, and designers, so Animal Crossing and creativity have always been inseparable. Hope we can see more interesting videos from it in the future.

I wonder what your opinion about Animal Crossing TV Series Fan Teaser? If there is a follow-up ACBellsBuy site will immediately provide players with the latest views. In addition, if there are no villagers as cute and interesting as Isabelle on your island, you are also welcome to choose from ACBellsBuy. ACBellsBuy provides players with a lot of ACNH Items, and we are always waiting for your arrival. If you want to Buy Nook Miles Tickets, we will also sell it to you at the lowest price on the entire network .

The Royal Crown is not only the most expensive item in New Horizons, it is also the most expensive item in the history of Animal Crossing. The Royal Crown is much larger, so it is not as popular as smaller, cute wearers. In any case, Royal Crown has become a popular item among animal crossing items due to its high price. We often see it in the island houses of wealthy players.

The Royal Crown is rarely sold at Able Sisters; however, it will be displayed when it is available that day. It can be purchased for 1,200,000 bells, so be sure to save money to buy it!

You can also try the crown from the fitting room. With it, you can try to match various outfits with crowns. Pick up a royal shirt and curly beard, match it with your royal crown, and dress up as a king! You can also buy rare ACNH Items such as Royal Crown in the furniture section of Redd's Treasure Trawler.

When you try to buy Royal Crown on its Treasure Trawler, you can also choose to buy a "cheaper" product with a price of 1,000,000 bells. It is not displayed on the shelf, so it looks like something that can be purchased secretly.

If you really need a lot of Bells quickly, you can sell some idle items at the Nook's Cranny store for 3000 Bells. We recommend buying directly from the ACBellsBuy site to speed up the acquisition of ACNH Bells! You can also put the Royal Crown as a decoration in your home. This is a high-priced product, everyone should be able to see it!
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