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The design business is getting ready for ACNH Items an incredible 27 to 30 percent decay as individuals endure uncommon degrees of financial difficulty during Covid lockdowns. There simply isn't a lot of interest for creator garments or even regular workwear when all we require is night wear for our new stay-at-home ways of life. 

However, in Animal Crossing, style is prospering. On Twitter, fashionistas have been reproducing their own fashioner AC strings.

—a plaid Celine coat here, a Fendi logo tanktop there. Net-A-Porter, one of the greatest online style retailers on the planet, rushed to take advantage of New Horizons' fame by teaming up on unique virtual skins by Chinese planners on Tmall.Bell Vouchers are one of numerous Cheap Animal Crossing Items convenient things you can gather in Animal Crossing: 

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The only fishing tournament in the most recent season will run from 9 am to 6 PM local time on Saturday, January 9, 2021. Players who have been playing ACNH this year will receive their fourth and final Nook Miles Award for Fishing Tour, and if you missed the previous tournament you will still be rewarded with Nook Miles Rewards.

Let's take a look at all the prizes in the fishing competition:
Anchor statue
Fish cooler
Door plank of fish
The fish frame
Fish package
The fish print
Carpet of fish
Fish umbrella
Fish wand
Fish print tee
Fishing rod rack
Marine popular wallpapers
Handle bag

Living near a beach or riverbank and spam bait, so you don't have to hunt around for something to catch, will help you win. The suggestion is to dig up a pile of Manila clams on the beach and craft them to turn them into the bait. Storing fishing rods is not a bad idea either. If you have now completed the fish section of Critterpedia, you can now make a more durable golden fishing rod.

The Animal Crossing Fishing Contest is simple: It takes place Saturday, January 9, local time, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CJ may be back, but you may have met CJ by chance, who visits the island occasionally to feed his total obsession with fish, but this time he hangs out in the town square and has a small stand promoting fishing tournaments.

All you need to do is talk to CJ and he will join you. The first time is free, but after that, you have to pay 500 bells each time you want to enter. The "entry" of a fishing tournament is basically a 3-minute timed event where you catch as many fish as you can, and at the end, you are rewarded with points.

In New Horizons, after entering an event, you get a point for each fish you catch and two points for any more than three. In ACNH, you can only play to score points for yourself, regardless of the residents of the island. In addition. You don't have to worry about stock space when fishing, because once caught, all the fish will be automatically transferred back to CJ's freezer.

At the end of every three minutes, points will be added and added to the day's fishing log, as well as any points you may have leftover from previous ACNH fishing tournaments. Ranked by points, Bronze Fishing Trophies unlock 100 points, Silver Fishing Trophies unlock 200, and Gold Fishing Trophies unlock 300, respectively.

You can spend 10 cents on each of the 13 rewards mentioned above. If you want specific rewards, go to and you can Buy Nook Miles Tickets and anything else you want. On top of that, CJ will offer the price of any fish you catch, and he will pay more than the Nook Cranny price for the fish.
The winter-themed DIY recipes that will last until January 6 have come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' islands in the northern hemisphere. Let us catch snowflakes, make snowmen, and get new wallpapers to create the winter in our hearts!

The snowflake recipe will have snowflake packets, ski slope wall, ski slope flower, the tip of the iceberg, iceberg floor, falling snow wall, and snowflake wreath. These are beautiful recipes that we can collect or make. But before that, let's see how to catch snowflakes!

Snowflakes are like Bells on, all over your island. You just need to treat your island as a web-like spider, carefully discover each piece of snowflakes that adhere to the web, and then capture them and put them in your inventory. But be aware that snow will melt. Some facilities that can swing like a swing will make the snowflakes disappear. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t forget the large snowdrifts and ordinary snowdrifts around your town. You may be able to catch larger snowflakes. Collect a lot of snowflakes, it will help us a lot in the recipe.

Obtaining snowflake recipes is very difficult because it can only be obtained from inaccurate balloons. These floating balloons always appear in your town at specific time intervals, and you can get resources by shooting them down. But unlike you can get bells by Buy Animal Crossing Bells, it will only randomly drop furniture, clothing, tickets, recipes, etc. You may not get what you want.

Of course, there is a way, because balloons are usually generated every 4 or 9 minutes. You have to figure out which side of the island they will appear from during the day and night, and then appear in advance on the beach where it will appear, and shoot down the recipe full of recipes. Balloon it. Let us go through troubles to get precious animal crossing: special seasonal DIY in New Horizons.
Winter is here, maybe there is no snow outside your door, but in the game, you can build a Snowboy! Even your house can be turned into a beautiful palace. Of course, you need to find two snowballs first, then place them somewhere on your island and roll them on the ground until each snowball is big enough To finally form a Snowboy. If your Snowboy is perfect, then you will get a frozen DIY recipe that will help you turn the house into a beautiful winter palace. Later we will show you how to control the size and let you create a perfect Snowboy.

The perfect snow talent will reward you with DIY recipes from frozen suits and big snowflakes. Every four days that Snowboy exists, keep talking with him every day, you will receive a big snowflake. If it is an imperfect Snowboy, he will remind you that your building skills are not perfect, but he will also receive large snowflakes and frozen DIY recipes.

To make a perfect Snowboy, you first need to find two snowballs that are usually close to each other and then take them to an open area on the island. Make sure that the location is not too confusing because you need to make room to talk to Snowboy. While doing this, you can even catch dung beetles because they like to snowball for you on the island.

The easiest snowball to create is the lower part of Snowboy. You just need to roll the snowball back and forth until you can barely move the snowball, and then make sure the snowball is in the position you expected.

For the perfect Snowboy head, you can easily check by setting the camera to the lowest setting and carefully standing next to the snowball. The height of the snowball of the head is approximately equal to half the height of the avatar's ears.

When you are ready, just roll the second snowball to the first snowball, and it will magically turn into a perfect Snowboy.

If you have made a perfect Snowboy, I hope you can come to to share your snowman or your making method. Then you can get a discount when you buy Animal Crossing Bells.
This year, Nintendo's latest work in the Animal Crossing series has created a safe space for many Switch owners, enabling them to start a new life on the desolate Tom Nook Island. Today, video games are developing rapidly. As old players, we will still miss the wild world village of the past.

Animals crossing the wild world DSi

In the past few weeks, we have been busy playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We have been staying at home on Tom Nook's holiday island, meeting new villagers, and smiling face to face when we see familiar faces. We are fortunate to be reunited with a few villagers we met before, and communication with old friends has always been an important part of this experience.

Between 2007 and 2008, the works of Nintendo DS and the author's first life simulation series addicted to Nintendo: Animal Crossing: Memories of the Wilderness. 18 months of intense gaming time, although the details are a bit vague, it leaves a lasting emotion.

Old friend

We originally used an upgraded version of the white DS Lite, and heard this calm and charming theme again before the bedroom appeared:

Due to the burden of the village, we are prepared for the worst. Remember, in the Ocarina Room, Link walked out of the Temple of Time and found the ruins of the market town of Hyruer among the ruins, and Reid chanted in the square. When the village was finally full of people, we walked out the front door and found a pleasant ruin. In the early morning, shortly after whistling at 7 AM, we ushered in a cloudless blue sky and a soft sound at 6 AM, which made everything look so lonely.

As expected, weeds spread across Dible from the cliff to the coast. Nature has taken over this town and it reminds us of the last trip to a local park two months after the COVID-19 closure. Except for a few dry violets, most of the flowers have disappeared. When passing through them, they will crumble into dust, but our elastic golden roses remain. The rotting acorns covered the ground, and the fallen leaves that still aroused the fall would remain, but the trees were full of fruits, and the brilliant blue sky reminded us of returning full-time. Ten years later, a small project away from the desert island of our Switch stirred the shape of Dible.

Our mailbox jingled, and we received two letters: one from Happy House College with 74,249 points, good! , And another from the post office, informing us that the 99,999 animals we earned in our absence cross the bell. This is reminiscent of the happy time spent with friends, as well as the exquisite ACNH bells, ACNH items, Nook Miles tickets, and other icons.

Life goes on

New animals crossing the wild world town map, animals crossing the wild world radish, with a vague theme of Egyptian temples, Angus usually becomes grumpy and has special marks when leaving, etc. All this tells us that we must return to reality.

Finally, return to our wild world town to strengthen the subtle simulated truth of Animal Crossing's infiltration. It is still there waiting for us, and although the faces may change or return mysteriously, the seasons are still changing and new things are always happening.

Of course, Animal Crossing: The wild world is not perfect. In a direct match with New Horizons, there is no doubt which game is better. "Wild World" is indeed very old, but full of personality.

If you have animals traveling through town on an old game console, I suggest you go to the old place. Maybe you will remember the scene of buying game ringtones before. However, there is a better experience of Buy Nook Miles Tickets on

The main purpose of players using ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is to travel through mysterious islands and enjoy time travel. In the process of earning Nook Miles Tickets, the Nook Miles Ticket will circulate like currency, so NMT can also act as Bells at some point. So how can we earn more Nook Miles Tickets?

Players always visit other islands in Animal Crossing, otherwise, you will not be able to get other colors in terms of island design. Then your island decoration and home decoration design will appear very ordinary, so you need to go out and explore.

Fortunately, the HHA score and catalog functions provided by the Happy Home Association encourage players to explore more islands to see new changes in their favorite furniture. In addition to increasing HHA scores, cataloging items also allows players to access that specific color when ordering items for a long time. In addition, if they know that other players also want to include it in the directory, they can charge ACNH Buy Bells fees to visitors to the island.

Use excess furniture in exchange for NMT

The exchange of goods is also a feature. Furniture and even DIY recipes that you think are "useless" are actually rare for others. It seems that there are always players willing to exchange NMT for the specific furniture they want. So when you want to throw away an item, you might as well wait a while. Maybe in the eyes of others, it is a rare item, then they are likely to spend a certain amount of NMT in exchange for it.

The above methods are available in daily activities. Of course, you can also join the carrot exchange in the game. Players can sell carrots on their islands in exchange for Nook Miles Tickets instead of bells. This is already a global phenomenon. If you find it more troublesome, then you can Buy ACNH Items directly from ACBellsBuy.

On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, ACBellsBuy has made a major discount event to repay the support of new and old male users to this site. From now until the end of November, users who use the discount code "TBD" can enjoy 8% OFF of the audience Offers.

With the update of the game's theme, Franklin also broke into your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But do you know what Franklin does? Where can players find him?

Since the beginning of this year, in the popular global game ACNH, players and friends have spent most of their time online to make their perfect island resort. Franklin is a character that often appears in the Animal Crossing series, and you will know his behavior. Finding a reliable website to get ACNH Bells quickly can save you a lot of time.

To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Franklin announced at the end of November that he would appear free of charge in the celebration of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After the theme is updated, Franklin will appear on the island.

Franklin is a Turkish chef. He will invite players to help him cook the Harvest Festival. Then, the player will need to collect ingredients for Franklin so that he can complete the dishes. After completing the mission, players will get unique furniture for this season.

ACNH is a very interesting social game. Players need to spend hundreds or thousands of hours to perfect their island adventure. If you don't want to spend all your time in the game, you can enter the ACBellsBuy site at any time to quickly buy the ACNH Items you need.

The game will continue to receive free updates. ACBellsBuy will also provide players with the most abundant Thanksgiving activity packages. You can also directly Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and choose the items you need in the game to keep players invested in their island life. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Franklin is preparing to make some delicious dishes.

Nintendo's Animal Crossing has always been one of the most fascinating and relaxing games in the world. Animal Crossing encourages people to provide creativity in various games, and this creativity will quickly spread to the real world.

Isabelle was in charge of some chores before starting to work at the Resident Service Office of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is the result of several hours of hard work by Salas and his team. The handling of details in Salas' movies is amazing, and Isabel's pleasant feeling is very contagious. In the game, you need to spend a lot of time and energy to get enough Cheap ACNH Items to better enjoy the fun of the game.

This is a stop-motion animation series Rilakkuma and Kaoru about women creating space and time for themselves, happy and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. The animators' love for the Animal Crossing series and the Japanese stop-motion animation series Rilakkuma & Kaoru inspired them to combine the two exquisite animations, which are currently available for viewing on Netflix.

Although the story of Animal Crossing revolves mainly around the player's life and interaction with other characters in the town, the focus of this trailer is Isabelle, who works in her office every day on an island, drinking her Holiday juice, just an ordinary cold person .

Nintendo's social simulation games continue to play their talents in its community of artists, musicians, model makers, and designers, so Animal Crossing and creativity have always been inseparable. Hope we can see more interesting videos from it in the future.

I wonder what your opinion about Animal Crossing TV Series Fan Teaser? If there is a follow-up ACBellsBuy site will immediately provide players with the latest views. In addition, if there are no villagers as cute and interesting as Isabelle on your island, you are also welcome to choose from ACBellsBuy. ACBellsBuy provides players with a lot of ACNH Items, and we are always waiting for your arrival. If you want to Buy Nook Miles Tickets, we will also sell it to you at the lowest price on the entire network .

The Royal Crown is not only the most expensive item in New Horizons, it is also the most expensive item in the history of Animal Crossing. The Royal Crown is much larger, so it is not as popular as smaller, cute wearers. In any case, Royal Crown has become a popular item among animal crossing items due to its high price. We often see it in the island houses of wealthy players.

The Royal Crown is rarely sold at Able Sisters; however, it will be displayed when it is available that day. It can be purchased for 1,200,000 bells, so be sure to save money to buy it!

You can also try the crown from the fitting room. With it, you can try to match various outfits with crowns. Pick up a royal shirt and curly beard, match it with your royal crown, and dress up as a king! You can also buy rare ACNH Items such as Royal Crown in the furniture section of Redd's Treasure Trawler.

When you try to buy Royal Crown on its Treasure Trawler, you can also choose to buy a "cheaper" product with a price of 1,000,000 bells. It is not displayed on the shelf, so it looks like something that can be purchased secretly.

If you really need a lot of Bells quickly, you can sell some idle items at the Nook's Cranny store for 3000 Bells. We recommend buying directly from the ACBellsBuy site to speed up the acquisition of ACNH Bells! You can also put the Royal Crown as a decoration in your home. This is a high-priced product, everyone should be able to see it!

With the arrival of November in the real world, Animal Crossing New Horizons will also be updated, which also means that there will be some new creatures entering New Horizons.

"New Horizons Animal Crossing" gamers can look forward to the redesigned "fish and worm" list, which will be released during November. Because most of them will stay for more than a month, but please make sure you donate any new discoveries to Blathers to complete your museum. You can tell when a new creature has been captured because the character will say "Yes!" aloud. Before they say the name of the bug or fish.

You can also check your Critterpedia to see if you donated bug fish. If so, when you are on your own island, a little owl icon will appear next to the critter’s name. Some of them will return to your island after they were previously available, so if they look familiar, you may find them in earlier availability. If you want to Buy Animal Crossing Bells quickly, then I recommend you buy it from the reliable ACBellsBuy site.

Obtaining mushrooms from the northern hemisphere should start today and will be used as part of the seasonal handmade ingredients. As part of the fall update, certain players will pop up mushrooms, but not everyone will see them immediately.

When you log in, Isabelle should have shared news indicating that mushrooms can be found at the root of the tree. You will eventually find four different types of mushrooms, and when you find them, there are many different DIY recipes to discover.

So far, we know that there are elegant, round, flat-skinned mushrooms, and other changes to the flora will take place later this month. At that time, ACBellsBuy will continue to introduce players. While ACBellsBuy wants players to continue to provide Animal Crossing Bells, it will also update the changes in ACNH Items accordingly, not allowing players to find the latest and most valuable items the first time.
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