I could tell this article is specifically speaking about a Afro ponytail. from Sunxuemei's blog

However, this Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket isn't taking things from context. This is a way to tie your own hair, in order to keep it from your face. If a white man ties their hair in this style, they did it for the exact same purpose a black man did, so it is not misrepresenting the civilization, so that shouldn't be cultural appropriation. If you don't imply black men and women shouldn't be permitted to wear certain sorts of hair braids because they come from Europe? I think that as long as it's not a cultural/religious ceremony necklace or something, anyone should be able to wear it, as it is just another method of keeping hair out of your face.

From what I could tell this article is specifically speaking about a Afro ponytail. So the afro part is what is being appropriated. Again, I am not trying to say her anger is right, just her reaction is very much shaped by her experience.

Yeah, I also used to spend a great deal of time bitching about how poisonous and awful the world wide web is. But the thing is, no one is forcing you to follow or read anything on the internet. In other words, if the world wide web is toxic and awful for you, you need to know to perform some damn thinking for yourself instead of waiting for a few moderator or admin to come together and do your thinking for you. Un-follow/like/sub the things that are bringing you down and adhere to the things that you enjoy. It really is that easy.

I have been loving Reddit over ever before over the last year or two because I unsubbed from all of the places that spend all day bitching about electricity moderators and electricity users and admins etc.. It's all stuff I don't even notice without it being pushed in my face and over exaggerated.

Would you recommend a few fantastic people to follow on Twitter? I think I've pruned Reddit to what I wish to be after several decades, but I don't have any idea where buy Animal Crossing Items to begin for Twitter.There's a great deal of everything, everywhere. Crazy.

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