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At the beginning of World of Warcraft, there was a story that players never knew the answer, that is, where Mankrik's wife went. And it all started with an unforgettable little task. As early as 2004 when World of Warcraft was first released, Horde players entered the vast Barrens and met an orc named Mankirk, who was separated from his wife in a quillboar attack. Over the years it has also become an unsolved mystery.

Since Barrens is one of the WOW Classic Gold largest war zones in World of Warcraft, and Mankrik's directions to her possible location are so vague, this is a difficult and arduous task. There were no signs to direct you where to return, so players could spend hours looking for her. Most people will turn to Barrens chat for help, but there is no result.
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Mankrik's wife never recovered. Instead, the player found a dead orc woman labeled "Battered Corpse", assumed it was her, and then told Mankrik the bad news. This little story never really came to the right conclusion. In the Cataclysm expansion, Mankrik's mission was removed from the Cheap WOW Classic Gold game and he was relocated near the new monument to his dead wife Olga.

However, many years later, some keen players discovered that an NPC named Olga was trapped in the afterlife of the Warcraft version. Known as Shadowlands, it is a multiverse of heaven and hell. Every soul that died in Azeroth was judged by their previous behavior, and was sent to one of the realms for immortality. Olga seems to have a fighting spirit, because she was sentenced to live in Maldraxxus, the endless soldier, and she died in constant wars.

If you don't have permission to use Shadowlands Beta, don't worry, because the latest release date is November 23, and you can only see her in person after it starts. According to Wowhead, she was found in Burning Thicket west of Maldraxxus and was found fighting monsters as a member of the Undying Army.

I have always regarded Olga as a victim, someone killed by a cruel quill male gun, but it turns out that she is actually a badass. In any case, the mystery was finally revealed. It is very interesting to find the previous foreshadowing feeling in the game.

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