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WoW Shadowlands was previously postponed, but Blizzard still promised that the Shadowlands release date is still 2020, and gamers believe that the next feasible date will be November. The World of Warcraft pre-patches have been released for some time, but this does not mean that no further testing or new versions will be built. Blizzard launched the new WoW Shadowlands beta earlier this week, and they have confirmed that their development team is studying changes to the UI and SoulBinds system.

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Still testing other changes for Ve'nari in the Maw, he will now start selling several items that can be used as a meta-progress for Torghast. There is no guarantee that these changes will make them the WOW Classic Gold final version, but Blizzard has confirmed that they are looking for as much feedback as Wopossible. Players should know that the Beta opt-in page can still be used on the Shadowlands homepage, so there is still a chance to join it before the final release of the extension.

This user interface has been improved. It is no longer connected to your Reservoir UI NPC. Now, it has its own dedicated NPC in your temple. It should now be clearer what your past and upcoming rewards are, and some of the rewards on the "Fame" track have been placed in more suitable positions.

Fans believe that the new WoW Shadowlands release date is set for November 24th, which is mainly based on the idea of ​​pre-patch running for six weeks. However, based on the current situation, no accurate forecast was issued. But before coming out, they released a new raid for players to play.

Until the development team has more discussions on this topic, the expansion of World of Warcraft will remain in the development stage. There is also a chance that we will find more information about the official release date of World of Warcraft before the end of October. Players may make more patches and updates to World of Warcraft before the Shadowlands expansion arrives later this year. For now, what we know is that WoW Shadowlands still has a great chance to arrive in 2020, and it has been postponed until next year.

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