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I have written on here, but it bears repeating: Don't forget the players union is every bit as complicit in this. They might easily push EA to improve Madden nfl by threatening to withdraw from their agreement to offer the players names and likenesses. But they enjoy so they do nothing whatsoever that royalty check every year they get. It's all on Mut 21 coins the gamers and the NFL. EA would be dumb not to give the exclusivity from a company standpoint. The NFL should re-open the permit so that we can have more than one game. Competition is best for us.

I think escape artist has to be cheap Mut 21 coins completely removed. My reason is because every qb that doesn't have it is screwed by it. They have to correct the manner qbs proceed from the line. It is like their rate is dropped 20 points, becoming caught by slow ass defensive tackles. Every time that I try to juke using a qb behind the line I always get that jump that is weak cut animation which does not fake anyone out. None of skills or the attributes matter behind the line. I am willing to wager they did that on purpose.

If you've noticed that's how Madden seems to"solve" every gameplay problem. Instead of addressing the source of the issue they just fuck up something on the opposite side to balance it out. There is not any method to create Lamar Jackson balanced for play. Okay don't try. It's football game why does it have to be"balanced". Lamar is mad in real life, so I don't find a issue with him being op at Madden.Except Lamar can be closed down and can be beat in real life. In Madden, you can not scheme against him like you can in life. You would see hundreds of bums cheesing using LJ and using the Ravens, if you have ever played online. Competitive play is ruined by it. A whole lot of Madden players compare about some semblance of equilibrium.

I really like this skill, first time in Madden I've actually needed to make sure I consideration for dominant pass rushers with my pass expert. Only give more options to us and we really require scheme alternatives to set up before Madden nfl to keep players. I like the general idea though that should you leave a player like Von Miller one-on-one you are likely to have a really bad time.Rex (old manager or w.e) said he wanted to go the course of year passes basically. EA did not need that.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jun 28



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