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Patrick mahomes looks happy on the cover of rugby 20. Why not? He has fame, wealth and the NFL MVP award, which is only his second season. It's a pity Madden is covering up the curse. It's going to be tough this season. The latest stars hide that. Gronk was injured on the cover of Madden 17. Two years ago, when the Patriots lost the super bowl to the backup quarterback, Tom Brady was on the cover. Antonio brown, who was on the cover last year, has one of the most controversial divorces in modern memory with a team, the Steelers, but in the end Auckland? That would be Um... Something. Mahones may have jumped to superstar ranks last year, but the cover up curse is firm and immortal. For some reason, things will get worse next year.

However, games with his similarity do not necessarily prove this. In fact, this year's Madden may be the best in the series for some time. Unfortunately, it is also a victim of the success of the series's recent games. Yes, this may be the best Madden of the past few years, but it's also built on the shoulders of all games before this generation. In addition to the X factor and superstar features, the improvements here, while welcome, are quite minor, and most of the content of the game is basically the same as in the past few years. The changes are actively making the game better, but if you've played the last two maddens and aren't a die hard fan, you may want to know what the fuss is about.

The biggest additions are the "superstar" and "x factor" features, which look so obvious that I'm not sure why I didn't add them before. In essence, they come down to the special abilities of elite players, making their games more like real opponents. Nowadays, there are many superstars in the game, each of them has a kind of ability to better complete their work, whether it is passing, passing or covering. The most elite players (the top 50 chosen by Madden's good people) have the so-called X-factor ability, which can be activated if a player performs well, for example, can complete multiple passes or catch many orbs in a row. Once activated, these abilities can literally change the rules of the game.

The best players, usually quarterbacks, have a variety of abilities, but each has only one X-factor and varies between players. For example, Tom Brady and Ben roetlysberger shared the pro reads X factor, which highlights the first open receiver, if any. But their other abilities are different. Big Ben has "the last ditch" and "hand and foot skills", which gives him a higher chance to pass the orb when he is fired, and get a greater chance of success in wig and double hair movements respectively. Tom terrific, on the other hand, has a "hot route master" and a "conductor." the "hot route master" provides him with four other hot routes. The "hot conductor" can adjust the hot route and blockade faster. But other quarterbacks have different abilities. Drew Brees and Philip rivers have fearless X-factor, which means their throwing accuracy is not regulated by defensive pressure, but other abilities are totally different. Aaron Rodgers is the only player with the ability to gamble, which makes AI controlled defenders unable to intercept his passing, while mahome is the only one with a rocket launcher, which increases his maximum throw distance by more than 15 yards.

Other locations have different x factors. Passport sprinters usually have a fearmonger, which gives them the opportunity to put pressure on the QB while engaging the blocker, while the receiver may have a double me, which means they will receive the orb aggressively in a single coverage or RAC on a rac'em up. Corner kicks usually have a shutdown function, which allows them to get more ints, while the back guard may have a first first free, which will increase the fake rate of their next avoidance action. And it changes according to location and players. The game can even easily list who has what abilities, whether they have X-factor or not. In the game, powers are done exactly as they say. The X-factor character is marked with a huge x, which shows you who they are and whether their abilities are effective. The ability to activate will bring about great changes and will reward you for playing the players' strengths, affecting your game plan and the ability of other teams. If new players and drafters play well enough, they also have the opportunity to develop these abilities, and it's interesting to find out who has what and see which abilities best suit your game style. In general, it's a great addition, and I hope to add it to the game in the future.

Well, the best way to do that is to find " Madden NFL coins" in Google, where there will be many stores. I highly recommend VHPG because my friends and I have won more than one reward here, and their cost is the lowest.

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